WAREHOUSE 13 “Past Imperfect” Review

WAREHOUSE 13 "Past Imperfect" Season 3 Episode 7 (9)

WAREHOUSE 13 “Past Imperfect” Season 3 Episode 7 – This week on the SyFy hit WAREHOUSE 13, the writers took us on a little journey into Myka’s past. She and Pete were at a train station in Colorado, where Myka was initially stationed as part of the Secret Service. While trying to pick up an artifact (a railroad spike? I was unclear), Myka spots the man that was responsible for shooting and killing her former partner, Sam.

The twist? Myka and Sam were involved, and Myka still blames herself for his death.

“Past Imperfect” used flashbacks to Myka and Sam’s past to show us how the story played out, and to lead us down the path of “OMG! Leo (the shooter) actually has possession of an artifact that can stop time!”

Meanwhile, on a farm in Wisconsin, Claudia and Jinks are on the hunt for another artifact. This time, it’s a doorknob that was part of sweatshop where a slew of women were killed in a fire. The door was locked, and when the fire broke out, all their pain and suffering was poured into the door knob, creating this artifact.

Once the pair returns to the car with said door knob, they find a dog sitting outside their car. Immediately they are both shot with a tranquilizer that knocks them out long enough for the unknown person to snatch the doorknob. When they wake, Claudia calls Artie who explains that the dog probably saw the license plate of the car – and he has an idea.

The idea turns out to be using an artifact that is already at the warehouse to read the dog’s mind – which actually happens to work out well and with minimal side effects.

Back in Colorado Myka and Pete join forces with Myka’s old team to find Leo. Zack now has Sam’s old job, and his partner Jim is working alongside him. Long story short, turns out Jim has been in cahoots with Leo the entire time that Sam was alive. Jim has an artifact that stops time for 47 seconds, giving him plenty of time to place a gun in a suspects hand, or escaping before he can be caught.

“Past Imperfect” was a great episode of Warehouse 13 because of the flashbacks in to Myka’s life. I’m a BIG advocate of “I want back story!” so this played to my wants as a viewer. The writers did an excellent job of mixing the serious (Myka) with the funny (Claudia/Artie/Jinks), and brought the spirit of Warehouse 13 that we all love.