THE CLOSER “Family Affair” Review

THE CLOSER A Family Affair Season 7 Episode 7

THE CLOSER “Family Affair” Season 7 Episode 7- When a narcotics detective’s daughter is found dead, having overdosed on heroin, she goes straight to Taylor, seeking the best of the best on her daughter’s case. Her daughter was estranged, and worked as an escort, much to her mother’s surprise. However, the pathologist determines that she was not a drug addict. And so Brenda and her team dig into this girl’s life and determine that not only was she adopted, but her biological father is a wealthy man and she stood to inherit millions from him.

The way this case unfolded was exciting and unexpected. It didn’t use the red herrings which have become a staple of crime dramas. Instead it just kept gathering the pieces of the puzzle. Indeed, this one episode established in less than one hour what AMC’s The Killing could not establish in thirteen: a person to sympathise.

The Closer finds that balance between comedy and drama with unnerving ease and this episode was no exception. It featured a shoot out wth the victim’s junkie husband and his cronies which was violent and sudden, tense and extremely well directed so that you knew exactly where everyone was and what they were doing and the risk they were in. Unlike other crime shows, The Closer does not feature shoot outs – in fact, I rarely see Brenda or the other cops draw their guns – but waiting for them to do so is so worth it! And this one was capped off with a fantastic Provenza moment: surveying the dead bodies he comments, “I feel terrible about the fish.”

The only problem with The Closer is its need to find answers to every case. There’s rarely a moment of ambiguity. They almost always get a lengthy confession out of the perpetrator – in this case the half brother of the victim who, determined to keep her paws off his money, gives her scumbag husband $50,000 to kill her. This is my beef with things like crime dramas and the likes of Pottermore: ambiguity is frustrating, unanswered questions are torturous – but when you answer all the questions, there’s nothing left for the viewer to mull over, to dissect and analyse. Some of the greatest moments in fiction are ambiguous: Gatsby’s green light, the ending of The Sopranos, the ending of Gone With The Wind or The 400 Blows. Think how much better Harry Potter would have been without that epilogue! It’s not just a critique I have with The Closer, but with all stories which feel the need to give the audience a sense of closure because if you give the audience what they want, then you’re giving them what they expect and you’re not surprising them.

Anyways, this was a really enjoyable episode with a killer hook: Raydor (and can I just say how much I love the tug of war allies/enemies relationship between Raydor and Brenda) reveals to Brenda that she has a leak among her team.

I can’t wait to see what this surprising bit of news will turn up!

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