PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “I Must Confess” Review


PRETTY LITTLE LIARS “I Must Confess” Season 2 Episode 11 – Can you believe we are almost through Season 2 of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS? Well, at least for the summer that is. Next week is the summer finale. Those 12 episodes just flew by! This week’s episode seemed to have more suspenseful moments. Between finding Spencer’s way too angry father lingering upstairs in Jason’s house to the disappearance of the girls’ therapist, there were plenty of twists and turns. There was even a returning character, Maya. I was not sure the writers would ever bring her back.

A is on a rampage after the girls spill all of their secrets to the therapist. However, if A is not one of their fellow students, how exactly does A know about this? And what happened to the good doctor? Does “the doctor is out” mean she is gone or dead? Given that Ian was killed, I think it is safe to say the therapist won’t be back. So which one of her patients is A? The file noted anger management, which after this week’s episode, might point to Mike, but I think that is a red herring. Who else had anger management problems? Actually, the better question is who didn’t? Even Jenna seems to have anger issues. At some point during this episode, I did stop to wonder, what if one of the girls is actually A? Who do you think it would be? I would pick Hanna. She seems the least stressed of all the girls about anything A. Remember Aria’s question about who has been sleeping at night. Hanna has.

Speaking of Hanna, her soon to be stepsister really did pay her back. I cannot believe that her father did not even bother to inquire as to what really happened. At least she has her grandmother on her side even if she wants to sabotage the wedding. It was good to see the old ready to do business Hanna return when she threatened Kate at the end. Hanna can be a force when she wants to be. I prefer her that way.

I am growing tired of the Mike storyline. They should just tell us what his problem is. Now he is assaulting his mother, even accidentally? And then Aria’s mother wants her to lie to her father? I think Byron was right that Ella is in denial. At least Mike finally came to his senses to Aria. Can that be the end of the story? Does Aria’s declaration of no more lies mean she is ready to spill about Ezra? Somehow I doubt that.

Spencer’s dad is a real piece of work. How did he manage to get so embroiled in Allison’s family’s issues. All for money I suppose. Now he is paying for it. But what exactly is he discussing with Jason? The will issue seems moot at this point. What do you think they are concocting?

What did you think of this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars? Were you happy to see Maya again? Emily seemed much happier in her presence. Has your opinion as to who A is changed at all this season? What do you think will be the cliffhanger? We saw a preview of Emily in trouble. Will she be A’s next victim? Tell us what you think down below.

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