HELL’S KITCHEN “8 Chefs Compete” Review

HELL’S KITCHEN “8 Chefs Compete” Season 9 Episode 10 – So after Ramsay got rid of Jamie (and he questions why the chefs perform so terribly at this stage of the game when he gets rid of some of the best chefs in favour of keeping the more controversial), Ramsay starts off challenge of the day with a blind taste test, which is pretty funny as Elizabeth starts stuttering and the entire challenge comes down to Elise picking out some sour cream – which she does, giving the red team one of their rare challenge victories.

The red team’s challenge is horseback riding while the blue team are given a 200 pound deseeding grape challenge.

The horse challenge has to be one of the less fun challenges though Carrie gets plenty drunk, but the grapes surprisingly bring about some fun as Tommy starts making grape jokes and Natalie flips out and empties a crate of grapes on the floor and proceeds to make jam the old fashioned way. And while the men sleep, Carrie and Elise start fighting and Elise makes it clear that she’s going to try and push Carrie out again.

Since the red team won the challenge and Hell’s Kitchen is overbooked the red team get to decide whether they’d like to serve first and let the blue team cook first. However Tommy’s inability to communicate seems to be crippling the meals and Natalie’s problem with getting the meat temperatures goes up in flames. Ninety minutes gone and the blue team have five tables left while the teams switch over for a second round.

The red team back in the kitchen, Tommy starts getting frazzled with the orders. Meanwhile Elizabeth and Carrie collaborate on appetizers and Elise tries to recover from a raw bask meanwhile. With thirty minutes left and eleven tickets uncompleted, Carrie creates a backlog and slows down the entire team’s output. The blue team celebrates the red team’s chaos. Elise inability to control the fish table has helped to cause the red team’s failure.

Because neither team wins, each team has to nominate one person and the red team vote Carrie while the blue team sends out Tommy.

Carrie brings out the tears and the inspirational speech and Tommy refuses to sell himself. Ramsay finally realizes that it’s impossible to keep Carrie around anymore. The classy red team offer no support and it’s the blue team who give her a goodbye applause. The show realizes they’re losing a major part, and offer her a long goodbye montage.

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