Arthur Darvill Confirms Rory Will Return to DOCTOR WHO

arthur darvill doctor who

Rumors have been running rampant for awhile that Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill could possibly not be returning to the fan favorite series DOCTOR WHO for its next new season, but fans can rest assured that both will now be back. Confirmation was made a short time ago about Gillan’s return as companion Amy Pond, and news now comes from SFX that Darvill will be back as Rory Williams as well.

Despite this confirmation, lips are sealed tight on how much Darvill and Gillan will appear or in what capacity. This vagueness could be related to a recent story where [SPOILER ALERT!] Rory and Amy would leave the TARDIS crew at the end of this season, but still make appearances in Earthbound, contemporary stories.

Meanwhile a few “hints” were dropped regarding the “final six” episodes of this current season, including the following statement from Darvill:

“It’s such a funny dynamic between the three of them now, because all that jealously stuff is kind of out of the way. Obviously they’ve found out that they’re River’s parents, so I think that brings them closer together. But Rory is put in some extreme situations where he has to really step up and deal with it.”

Doctor Who returns to BBC America this Saturday, August 27 at 9/8c, airing the remaining 6 episodes uninterrupted.