5 Signs You’re Watching a Great Episode of HAWAII FIVE-0

5 Signs of a Great Episode of Hawaii Five-0

I’ve decided to continue my “5 Signs of a Great Episode” series (check out my NCIS version here and my Supernatural version here) by moving on to a show that has only been on for one season. But though it’s kind of the baby of the group so far, it still had me hooked pretty much from day one.

If you haven’t read my other articles, let me explain what this is all about. Basically I’ve come to realize that there’s always something a little extra in those few episodes that make it on to my favorite’s list. Even on shows I watch all the time, like Supernatural, NCIS and Hawaii Five-0, I still only LOVE a few episodes.

Why? Well it depends on the series, but in every one of those episodes there were certain factors that made them jump up to the top of my list, and while I may not want to see these all the time (as that would make it boring after a while), when they do appear, I know I’m going to love that particular episode.

There’s at least one cargument

Hawaii Five 0 - Cargument

What is a “cargument”, you ask? It refers to those times when Danny and Steve have an argument in a (usually Danny’s) car. Sometimes they have them when driving to a routine assignment, and sometimes they are done while on a high-speed chase.

Either way I find it hilarious that the boys will choose those moments in the car to hash out whatever major issue is bothering one or the other at the time. It’s like their own personal version of couples therapy.

There’s a bromance moment between Steve and Danny


Okay so maybe some of you are thinking that I covered this with the whole cargument point but not so, my friends. While a cargument does make a great bromance moment, those aren’t the only times it happens.

The guys have also been known to do things like save each other’s life, fight to protect the other’s friends or family, have arguments (outside the car) about eating or sleeping habits like an old married couple, and basically do everything they can to prove their undying (if completely hetero) love for each other.

Somebody ends up in a bathing suit

HAWAII FIVE-0 Palekaiko

You’ll notice I used “somebody”, rather than naming particular names. I make no bones about the fact that I’m a Danny girl, but with a show set in a beautiful (and warm) place like Hawaii, we get to see the cast in bathing suits quite a bit.

Since that usually means we also get a great scene on a gorgeous beach, I’ve added it to my list of favorite things – even if it’s not always my beloved Danno who’s stripping down to his skivvies.

There’s a reference to Danny’s continued efforts to adapt to Hawaii

HAWAII FIVE-0 "Ma Ke Kahakai"

Danny’s from New Jersey. How do we know that? Because either he or one of the other team members mention it. A lot.

Whether it’s learning to surf, being made fun of for wearing a tie to work every day, trying to wrap his head around a tropical Christmas, or struggling to understand the language in his new home – I always get a good giggle out of the gang’s attempts to help Danny adjust to life on the big island.

There’s a family moment between the team

Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) Ho' ohuli Na' au

One of the things that impressed me about Hawaii Five-0 very early on in its first season was how well they established this team as a family. It never comes off as corny or contrived and I admire both the writers and the actors for that.

These people have said things to each other that, if written or said in the wrong way, could elicit groans. Instead, I’ve found myself brought to tears on more than one occasion by this show, usually in a moment near the end of an episode where they display that “one for all and all for one” attitude that I love so much.


So what about you guys? What it is about certain episodes of Hawaii Five-0 that turn them from being simply good to fabulously great to you?

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