LEVERAGE “The Cross My Heart Job” Review

LEVERAGE “The Cross Heart My Heart Job” Season 4 Episode 9 – This episode of Leverage broke the show’s usual structure: instead of a client coming to the usual pub to seek the aid of the team, Nathan notices a slick drop off in an airport while he and the team are returning from a volcanic explosion of a mission.

When he confronts the obviously frazzled woman it turns out that her daughter has been kidnapped and in order to ensure her safe return the woman has to deliver a human heart up for transplant to the man who ordered her daughter’s kidnapping. The team have less than two hours to retrieve the heart or else the fifteen year old patient waiting for it will die.

It was a smart, fast paced, slick episode filled with some of the comedy Leverage excels at. Because the case understandably reminds Nathan of his own son, there were real emotional stakes which made me, at least, empathize so much more with the team than I usually do. Don’t get me, wrong, I’m always rooting for the team, but sometimes the show can feel like it’s just going through the ropes. Not this time. Nathan and Sophie shared a few very tender scenes which gave them both an opportunity to share a scene which did not feature awkward flirting.

The setting of the airport added an extra challenge for the team and they faired pretty well without Hardison behind a big hi-tech screen. In fact, because Hardison didn’t have the magic machine holding all answers, it felt like the show had to be more creative. Sure, it was completely unbelievable, but it was tongue-in-cheek unbelievable and not unbelievable in the cringy sincere way a lot of heist shows utilize.

This is one of the riskier episodes the show has done and it totally paid off. This season the show is really breaking out of the box, using different settings and structures to greater entertainment effect.

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