EUREKA “Clash of the Titans” Review

EUREKA "Clash of the Titans" Review

EUREKA “Clash of the Titans” Season 4 Episode 17 – As we near the end of EUREKA Season 4.5, things are starting to get serious in the preparations for the Titan mission. Still it’s nice to see that there’s love in the air, although there’s also dangerous level of methane gas. The high level of poisonous gasses in the atmosphere mimic those found on Titan, leading everyone to think it was caused when Tiny, the Titan Rover (remember him from earlier in Season 4?), exploded on its return from a prep mission to Titan. When the source of the gasses is found to be the ultra-realistic training simulations for the Astraeus mission, Fargo and Holly risk highly combustible methane snow to save Eureka from being blown to Titan. Also in this episode, a relationship auditor from the Department of Defense comes to check out Carter and Allison, while Henry is a little uneasy about his upcoming nuptials with Grace.

Congratulations to the Eureka team for putting together a great episode, especially Paula Yoo and Eric Tuchman for the excellent writing. It would have been very easy for the main methane gas storyline to have overwhelmed the other events in the episode, which happens from time to time on Eureka. What works here is how Yoo and Tuchman worked in those secondary storylines so that they become organic to the main event. The result is a smooth flowing episodes with no scenes or moments that seem out of place. On top of this the dialogue was extremely hilarious between all the couples in the episode, especially Holly and Fargo.

I wanted to call out the last scene of tonight’s episode for how well it was shot and written. These are the types of scenes that make Eureka is a great show. The ending scene has Henry and Grace renewing their vows in front of the other main couples on the show right now (Carter/Allison, Zo/Jane, Holly/Fargo). What’s key here is how the different couples show the different level of relationships from just starting (Holly/Fargo) to unsure of current situation (Carter/Allison) to fully committed (Henry/Grace). It’s a nice touch that is built nicely on as this weeks guest star, Wallace Shawn (aka the Sicillian from The Princess Bride), gives a speech about different characteristics of relationships, with the camera going from couple to couple highlighting how they each have their strengths. The last shot of Carter and Allison while Wallace says “forever lasting” is perfect given the bad news they received just moments before.

Speaking of Wallace Shawn, he was excellent as a guest star this week, but don’t be surprised if he turns up in next week’s episode. The previews have Carter and Blake appealing the auditor’s report saying the two should end their “intimate alliance” or risk losing their jobs.

Favorite Things from Tonight’s Episode:

– Carter: “Well Warren, how do you “assess” an “intimate alliance”?” Warren: “I like to watch.”
– Holly: “The sooner we consummate, the sooner we concentrate.”
– Wedding planner Jo taking over Henry and Grace’s wedding
– Allison saying “Inconceivable!” made my night as a nice shout out for Wallace Shawn and Princess Bride fans
– Holly: “What if you like the original Star Trek and I like Next Gen?” (always an important question in all geek relationships)
– The ending scene with the different couples at Henry and Grace’s wedding

What did you think of “Clash of the Titans”? Should Jack and Allison call it quits? What do you think of Fargo and Holly as a couple? Are you still hoping that Dr. Parrish and #TeamParrish make a comeback? Let me know in the comments section below.

Next week’s Eureka has all systems GO for the final preparations for the Astraeus mission, while Carter and Allison try to appeal the grounding of their relationship. Make sure you tune in next Monday at 8 PM EDT for ” This One Time at Space Camp…” on SyFy.

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