DROP DEAD DIVA “You Bet Your Life” Review

Drop Dead Diva

DROP DEAD DIVA “You Bet Your Life” Season 3 Episode 9 – The firm takes on two seemingly unwinnable cases this week, in an episode that whilst solid isn’t one of Drop Dead Diva‘s best.

Jane is horrified when Stacey brings along their old college chapter president, Kirsten, to the office. Kirsten gambled away $50k and claims she wasn’t possibly in her right mind due to shady tactics employed by casinos. Jane isn’t convinced. But when she learns that Kirsten is taking medication for early onset Parkinson’s disease, Jane realises that there could actually be something to Kirsten’s claims.

Parker and Kim take on the case of Audrey, a botanist who is trying to keep her rare, tropical plant from falling into the hands of the museum where she used to be employed. The case is made even stranger by Audrey apparently being objectum sexual – she loves the plant romantically. Kim reluctantly plays the love card to the judge and Audrey is allowed to keep the plant, but it’s soon discovered that Audrey may not be all that she claims to be.

I can buy the plant case pretty easily. The seemingly nice Audrey playing everyone to sell her rare plant for six figures was a great twist and it was a pretty fun case to watch. But Jane’s case seemed to be a stretch. I’m still not sure why she immediately decided Kirsten was on meth, as there are legal drugs available which Kirsten could theoretically have been taking. Still, it all worked out for the best, and there is now one more relationship from Deb’s life that Jane has come to terms with.

There were a couple of things that happened this week that I didn’t even realise I wanted. Firstly, Parker and Kim are back together. I had become a bit ambivalent about them over the last few weeks, but I’m glad they’re a couple again. They’re both a bit softer and more personable when they’re together. Secondly, Grayson and Fred hanging out. As soon as Jane mentioned it I was eager to see it. Sadly, it was kind of a flop, but hopefully we’ll get to see them hanging out as buddies again sometime in the future. I know the show is centred on Jane but it’s fun watching Fred try to grow as a person and Grayson could be a huge help with that.

There’s one thing I’m confused about though. Grayson’s new love interest reminds Jane of Deb. Now I’m going to ignore the whole ‘what if Deb wasn’t good enough for him/I’m a better person now’ schtick because that’s pointless. If Deb wasn’t good enough for him and Jane wants better for him, then what exactly is the issue? Deb is dead. Jane is a ‘better person’ overall. It’s a moot point. Anyway, what confuses me is how they don’t really broach the subject of Grayson maybe not being physically attracted to Jane, especially now in season 3.

Hear me out – I think Jane is pretty. But Grayson likes his thin blondes and Jane decidedly is neither. Why haven’t we had a big freak out about this? In fact, why has the Deb side of Jane never really gone diet crazy and considered lightning her hair. The one aspect of Drop Dead Diva that continually falls flat for me is how the Deb part of Jane’s personality just accepts and embraces her new body. Everyone is insecure about their body – and we’ve all had our bodies our entire lives! I don’t want to see Jane slim down and go blonde, but a bit of insecurity on her part would pep things up a bit and make it all seem a little less like it’s taking a long, long, long time to reach the romantic endgame.

I’m starting to think it would be more interesting if they did start dating. What if they’re not compatible now? What if they were but they still had to work at the relationship? What if it becomes even harder for Jane to tell Grayson that she is Deb once they’re together? Just something to make this all a little less same-y.

We’re two-thirds of the way into season 3 now. So tell me, dear reader, what are your thoughts so far? Do you agree that the quest for Grayson’s heart is becoming a little stale, or do you really like the way things are progressing? How do you feel about Kim and Parker being back together? What do you think about the cases each week – fun or ridiculous? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!