Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston Spying On THE SIMPSONS

AMC’s Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston will be making his way to THE SIMPSONS to transform the bumbling Homer. Cranston will lend his voice to the series in an episode entitled ‘The Spy Who Learned Me’, set to air in Spring 2012.

Per EW , Cranston will play the character Stradivarius Cain, “a suave Hollywood superspy whom Homer sees as an illusion after suffering a head injury.” His mission – to make Homer irresistible to Marge!

Bryan Cranston joins Jane Lynch (Glee), Michael Cera (Arrested Development), Jeremy Irons (The Borgias), Joan Rivers (Fashion Police With Joan Rivers), and Kiefer Sutherland (24), who are all slated to guest star in the animated series this fall.

The Simpsons will kick off their twenty third year on Fox September 25th.