5 Returning TV Shows We Can’t Wait To See

Ah, September – the month that brings us the flavor of pumpkin, fall weather, and (for some of us) a return to school. But perhaps more importantly, September brings us the return of the television season. Can we all say it together? FINALLY!

While to some people it may feel like summer went by quickly, anyone who’s an avid television watcher will tell you that waiting until [insert premiere date of your favorite show here] was a fate considered worse than death. Luckily, the hard part is almost over and there’s a small but sure light at the end of that hated tunnel called “hiatus.”

As we gear up our DVRs, we also gear up our excitement for 5 returning shows that, based on their cliffhangers of last season, we can’t wait to see back on our screens.

Warning – there are major season finale spoilers below for the shows mentioned in this article as well as small spoilers of what’s to come.


CW’s resident vampire show packed a heck of punch with its season finale. There were major character deaths (and resurrections!) break-ups, game changing allegiances, the return of dead girlfriends, broken curses and secrets gone awry – all leaving us to wonder, how on EARTH is the series going to deal with all of this when it returns?

Not surprisingly, showrunners Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson have been tight lipped in recent interviews, only giving small hints about what we’ll see in September. Still, we’re on the edge of our seats to see how Elena will deal with Stefan’s new (bloodthirsty) lifestyle with Klaus, how she’ll react to Damon as her now-resident caretaker/confident, why Jeremy can see the ghosts of his dead girlfriends, how Caroline and Tyler’s relationship will progress in the wake of her break-up with Matt, how Alaric will deal with Jenna’s death…oh, I’m sorry, the season premiere is just an hour long?


If you weren’t among the legions of fans who screamed bloody murder at the end of Fringe last season, you must not have been watching the same show. In an hour that threw more shocks at us than we expected (Peter activated the Doomsday Machine! Walternate shot Olivia and she died! The prime universe and alternate universe are linked!) the biggest one came just before the show signed off for the summer – with Peter ceasing to exist. As in, literally ceasing to exist.

Thankfully, it’s common knowledge that Joshua Jackson is contracted into the next season, so we won’t be dealing with a sudden departure of our favorite character. But it’s no secret that the implications of Peter’s actions in the finale, as well as the fact he now doesn’t exist at all, will play a huge role in the next season. We can’t wait to see how Walter and Olivia deal with this change, and also how Peter’s disappearance affects the overall scope of the story.


It was the shot heard round the world – for fans of Castle, at least. The explosive season finale left us with a dying Kate Beckett and a distraught Castle whispering “I love you” – words that many fans had been waiting to hear since the end of season 1. And despite the fact we knew the showrunners wouldn’t be cruel enough to completely write off the talented and gorgeous Stana Katic, there were still worries about how the show would deal with this cliffhanger come fall.

When the series returns, we’ll be treated to a new captain (replacing the dearly departed Roy Montgomery, who gave up his life last season for Kate) as well as the implications of the aftermath of the shooting. Rumor has it that the series will pick up after a time jump, leading us to believe that Beckett will be mostly healed – but what about those elusive words that Castle uttered? And how will the rest of the cast (Esposito, Ryan, Castle’s family) deal with what was obviously a traumatic moment at Montgomery’s funeral? This is one hour we’ll certainly be on the edge of our seats for.


Forget paintballs, stop-motion animation and Dalmatians – who could forget the final image we were left with at the end of Community’s second season finale? As the entire study group looks on in silence, Pierce walks out of the classroom and declares he’s done with our favorite group of Greendale students.

Obviously, Pierce’s ousting – which had been building throughout much of last season – and how it affects our crew will take center stage when the show returns. We can also bet on antics from new teachers, guest stars that may or may not have a slightly evil vibe, as well as leftover conflicts from last season – including the Abed/Annie kiss, Britta and Jeff’s ongoing will-they/won’t-they sexual tension, Shirley’s new baby, and Senor Chang’s continued persistence for admission into the study group. Not to mention, with the promise of more screen time for Dean Pelton, there should be some interesting moments (as well as many new costumes!) to look forward to.


I admit that during the course of Nikita’s first season, the show was slow to drag me in (though I did enjoy the premise and actors.) By the end, however, the series had really picked up steam and upped the ante on the action and storytelling, all which left me in a state of “I can’t WAIT to see what happens!” after the credits rolled on the finale in May.

The entire series had built up the motherly – if not slightly violent – relationship between Nikita and Alex, which made Alex’s decision to go rogue even more shocking than it would have been a few months earlier. With her kill chip deactivated, she joined forces with the newly-in-charge Amanda, who appeared to have superseded Percy as the superior in charge. Obviously, there’s a lot to work out when this series returns in September, but I’m extremely excited to see how Michael and Nikita will continue to work together, and also how Alex and Nikita will butt heads and resolve their conflicts – if they even resolve their conflicts at all.


Obviously, with so many shows it’s impossible to list them all. This is just a sampling of what I’m looking forward to seeing return – so what about you?

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