TRUE BLOOD “Let’s Get Out of Here” Review


TRUE BLOOD “Let’s Get Out of Here” Season 4 Episode 9 – Now that was a great episode of True Blood. “Let’s Get Out of Here” was packed with lots of exciting things, so let’s get right down to business and talk about it.

Sam & Tommy

Sam goes camping with Luna and her daughter, while Tommy goes to the meeting with Marcus. Now, the only explanation I have for Tommy’s actions is that he wanted to get himself killed. Anyone have another explanation?


Speaking of Marcus, I was a bit worried when Alcide agreed to move up in ranks, but so happy to see that he is still his old self when he tried to stop Marcus hurting Tommy. I wonder how his action will impact his standing with the pack.

Also, even though Alcide keeps claiming he loves Debbie and all, am I the only one who has a hard time believing it? It really seems like he does care about Sookie a whole lot more than he should.

Lafayette/Mavis & Jesus

We finally have a conclusion to the mystery surrounding Terry and Arlene’s baby and that creepy doll! It was all the doing of a ghost, Mavis, who wanted to hold her baby one last time.

And thanks to Jesus finally coming in handy, she was set free and left Lafayette’s body. But the best part of all this had to be Lafayette’s quote:

“You got it bitch.” -Lafayette to Mavis after she thanked him. In true Lafayette style!


That scene of her talking with Nan Flanagan at the beginning was hilarious. I love that Nan had considered becoming a maker but only a few minutes with Jessica dismissed any doubts she ever had. Ha! Turns out Jessica will do that to you.

Speaking of Jessica, we found out a couple of fun facts about her when Hoyt was putting her stuff away:

1) She has a Taylor Swift CD
2) She has a Twilight book! I wonder if she’s team Edward or team Jacob…


Ah Jason! So sweet he crossed out the “Monster” writing on the box before bringing it to Jessica. And as could be predicted, sending him to give Jessica her stuff back was not the best idea Hoyt might have had. We all know Jason has a hard time controlling his sexual urges. And so, Jessica and Jason finally did it! There are so many different ways this could go now, I wonder if the writers will go the they become a couple route or it was a one time thing route… Thoughts?


Oh Bill still cares about Sookie! It was so sweet the way he rushed to help her. Bill continues to be one of my favorite characters this season and he also had some great lines tonight including my favorite:

“It’s like having a civil rights protest without any black people.” -Bill to Nan


So Antonia is not as nice as people thought she was. By holding people hostage, she’s not really any better than vampires now, is she? Ah Tara, when will you learn? You might not like vampires, but turns out witches are not that much better.


Speaking of Tara, I was so happy she helped out Sookie by using her telepathic power. So I guess these two are still friends.


Debbie watching Cheaters was awesome!

But now on to more serious things. Debbie is back on V, didn’t I tell you she couldn’t be trusted? I totally knew this was coming.

On the other hand she sort of helped Sookie, I say sort of because it seemed like she wished Sookie had gotten stuck behind.


We all know I have to mention Sookie’s dream! It now includes both Eric AND Bill, because she drank both their bloods. Ha! That was great. The only one that’s missing is Alcide… Too bad he’s not a vampire because that would have made a great dream sequence.

And of course, Sookie comes to save the day at the event to warn Bill about Eric sent to kill him. Which leads us to the…


“Bastards!” is what I screamed at the television when the episode ended. Yes, I am very passionate about True Blood, especially when they leave us on such a cliffhanger! Why must you do this to me True Blood? Why?

Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts about this episode. Why do you think Tommy decided to go meet Marcus? What about Jessica and Jason, are you hoping these two become an item? And Debbie, are you as suspicious of her as I am? You can share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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