BREAKING BAD “Cornered” Review

Breaking Bad “Cornered”, Season 4 Episode 6 – After the awesome opening scene of “Bullet Points” several episodes ago, we got an interesting tweak of that scene to kick off Breaking Bad this week. It looks as if the cartel is getting a little smarter in how they steal from El Pollos Hermanos, and it’ll be interesting to see how Gus, Mike, and the rest of the Pollos squad deal with this.

Next we got the fallout from the final scene of last week’s episode. If you read my review last week, you’ll know that I had a major problem with Walt’s behavior at the Schroder’s dinner. We are now seeing the result of his devil-may-care attitude, as Skyler informed him that he said “Just enough” to make Hank believe that his Heisenberg is still out there. I still feel that Walt, as a character, is being written a bit too inconsistently. I feel like the Walt of last season, or even a couple episodes ago, would have asked Skyler to recount exactly what he said. He would have fretted and worried about how he may have incriminated himself or given too much away. But now, it’s almost as if there’s something to what Skyler is saying. It’s like a small part of him wants Hank to catch him.

With Walt becoming more and more reckless, in a strange reversal of character traits, we’re starting to see Jesse becoming the more responsible one. It’s good to see that he has more self-awareness than I give him credit for, as he tells Walt that he is more on to Gus and Mike’s plans for him than we thought. He knows that he is being kept busy so that Gus can keep him occupied, off drugs, and under their surveillance. (Speaking of surveillance, how great was Cranston raising his cup to the cameras when he was surrounded by middle-aged Mexican women chatting while they cleaned a meth lab). I’m really starting to like Mike and Jesse’s “Tango & Cash” dynamic. I loved Jesse’s point, that Mike may know a lot more about being a PI and being sneaky, but Jesse knows more about meth heads. Convincing Tucker that he had to keep digging was hilarious. “Why are you digging?” “You know why.” I guess there was a practical reason for Jesse to be living with a bunch of meth heads for the first few episodes, after all! Now that Jesse has proven his usefulness, let’s hope we have a few more fun scenes with Mike and Jesse teaming up! Maybe after the show ends next year we can have a spin-off series!

Speaking of the show ending, we’ve heard in the past week that Breaking Bad has one more super-sized season. Next year we will get 16 episodes, and that will be all for the whole series! So with 23 episodes left in the whole season, what do we think is going to happen? Is Walt going to get caught? Is Jesse? Will Skyler skip town? Will Walt Jr. ever catch a break?! Let me know what you think will happen and how you feel about only having one more season of this great show! Sound off in the comments section!

Random Thoughts:

– For your Emmy consideration, how about Bryan Cranston’s speech to Skyler in the opening bedroom scene? “I am the danger! I am the one who knocks!” I don’t know why they even call it Emmy “consideration”, as if there’s some reason to even consider that Cranston should just win the trophy every single freaking year.

– I hope we haven’t seen the end of Bogdan, or his eyebrows. With Walt’s pride and ego skyrocketing every week, I love having somebody around that is always able to knock him down a few notches. Bogdan’s speech about being tough was great, especially when he referenced Walt’s poor behavior when he worked with him. Walt taking Bogdan’s first dollar was petty and cruel, and shows what kind of person Walt is becoming. Let’s hope The ‘Brows makes a return to try to take his car wash back! Let’s go Bogdan!

– I love that Walt was holding his sack lunch during the whole scene with Jesse behind the semi truck. It’s little visual cues like this that make Breaking Bad so much fun to watch.