FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS “The Benefit of the Right Track; The Benefit of Keeping Your Ego in Check” Review

FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS “The Benefit of the Right Track; The Benefit of Keeping Your Ego in Check” Season 1 Episodes 5 and 6 – Well, it’s official. Thanks to tonight’s episodes of Friends with Benefits, “The Benefit of the Right Track” and “The Benefit of Keeping Your Ego in Check,” I cannot find one thing I like about Sara.

Not only is she one of those girls who desperately wants a real, romantic relationship (because heaven forbid something in her life isn’t perfect), yet can’t stop herself from sleeping with every hot guy who catches her eye, she has the audacity to diss the fact that for the first time in history, nerds are starting to be considered cool and sexy in popular culture. To that, I say “Frak you, Sara! Frak. You.”

It’s really not the fact that Sara is promiscuous. So is Riley and I kind of love her. What separates the two of them is that Riley isn’t trying to validate her sex life by claiming she’s looking for lasting love. Sara frustrates me because instead of owning her sexuality, she makes excuses for it. In a way, she judges herself worse than I ever could. “What kind of a girl do you think I am?” she asks a guy with whom she slept with before even establishing whether or not he knew her name. Um…is that a rhetorical question? What kind of girl are you being, Sara? It’s a rare person who can be both the Madonna and the Whore and own them both, and I don’t think you’re up to the challenge.

Setting her aside, I wasn’t all that impressed with this week’s episodes. Even Fitz let me down in the second half of the hour. I was digging the fact that his storylines weren’t exclusively revolving around sex. In “The Benefit of the Right Track,” his friendship with Aaron took center stage as they came to terms with the fact that while Aaron can afford to buy court-side basketball tickets, Fitz will always come out on top socially. It was a nice moment between the bro’s.

But then Fitz went and found a girl and did the typical guy thing of wanting the best of both worlds–the monogamy of a steady relationship and the freedom to hook up with a random chick in a hot tub. Of course, he never let the girl tell him what was on her mind when they were temporarily separated and so he ended up getting burned. When will they learn? Writers of shows like Friends with Benefits hope they never do.

Meanwhile, Ben managed to make himself extra unappealing this week, first by reluctantly submitting himself to a relationship with a girl who was just supposed to be a booty call, and then by sexually harassing a girl at work without ever acknowledging it as such because she had a fuller figure than the “hot” girls he could have harassed. And everyone knows you can’t sexually harass a big girl. Since they’re clearly not to be seen as sexual in any way, shape or form.

Sara and Ben are so meant for each other. Seriously, I hope they figure that out and take each other off the market. ‘Cause while Ben thinks he’s too good for a curvy girl, Sara thinks she’s way too good for a nerdy guy. I’m not inferring that; she states it quite clearly. She even manages to insult one of my all-time favorite shows, The Big Bang Theory, for which I might never forgive her. Fortunately, the nerdy guy quickly figures out that he’s the one who’s too good for her and doesn’t get sucked in any further by her. He instantly became more attractive to me than anyone else on the show just for that fact.

Maybe the problem this week was just because Ben didn’t take his shirt off. At all. Stick to your strengths, Friends with Benefits. Here’s hoping for better things next Friday.

Things I Liked: The lengths to which Riley will go to help out her friends, the Pluto T-shirt.

Things I’m Looking Forward To: Sara getting over herself.

Best Line: “There’s nothing sexy at nine a.m. There’s just eggs and Matt Lauer.”

What did you think of the episode? Am I being too harsh on Sara? Should Pluto be reinstated as a planet now that we don’t care enough about space to send anyone out there to explore it anymore? Let me know below!!