CHILDRENS HOSPITAL “The Chet Episode” Review

Childrens Hospital

CHILDRENS HOSPITAL “The Chet Episode” Season 3, Episode 12 – I had been looking forward to this episode of Childrens Hospital since Chet made me laugh so much last week with his creepy paramedic ways. I was expecting this week’s episode to be centered around Chet’s Chief-stalking habits, but instead I got an episode of Childrens Hospital that was totally brilliant and honestly, a little bit depressing.

This episode gave Chet a character depth that I wasn’t anticipating. He wasn’t just a weirdo stalker who harassed the Chief with his frightening pick up lines. He’s an insecure, slightly crazy, middle-aged man who is bullied by everyone on the Childrens Hospital staff despite being smarter than the lot of them. To get an idea of how low on the social totem pole this “sick person delivery boy” is at Childrens Hospital, even Sy gets to pick on him.

Everything was told from Chet’s perspective, and in a way that kind of reminded me of Fight Club, it became difficult to tell what was really happening and what was all in Chet’s head. I loved Chet trying to figure out who was real and who was not by recalling events that happened just seconds before without key people in the scene. His fellow paramedic, Shayne, constantly running quickly off screen in his own retelling of Chet’s flashbacks got the biggest chuckle of the night for me.

I’m a rather sympathetic person, so I frequently felt a tiny twinge of guilt laughing with such gusto at Chet’s pathetic state. Every laugh out loud line was laced with the darkness of a lonely person being bullied and ignored to the brink of insanity so while I genuinely felt bad for the guy, I couldn’t resist the humor in every scenario. It’s all at once tragic and funny and if there was an episode of Childrens Hospital that would stand out as a shining example of black humor done right, “The Chet Episode” would have to be it.