SUPERNATURAL Thursdays: “Coyote’s Kiss” By Christa Faust Book Review


The good folks over at Titan books were kind enough to send Daemon’s TV another copy of their latest Supernatural tie-in novel, ‘Coyote’s Kiss‘, for us to check out.

This is the second book review that I have done for this column and I’m happy to report that getting these assignments has slowly started turning me into a fan of the Supernatural novels. I won’t hide the fact that that the first tie-in I read had me more than a little disappointed. The characters were doing and saying things I didn’t recognize and it just gave me an overall feeling of blah.

Then I was given the chance to review ‘One Year Gone’ and things started looking up. Now, they’re looking even better; as much as I thought I liked ‘One Year Gone‘, I like ‘Coyote’s Kiss‘ even more.

I should mention that it took a bit for me to get into this one. Again there were some challenges that this book had to overcome for me. First up, it takes place during season six when Sam is Soulless Sam. If you’ve read my reviews of the show you know that I actually enjoyed Soulless Sam quite a bit, but the way he’s written in the book is not nearly as fun as he was portrayed on screen. After a while though, I did get used to him and in fact his soullessness turns out to be a very important factor in the storyline.

Secondly it’s set out west, in places like California, Nevada and Mexico. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I’m so used to seeing the boys in less arid places, it took a minute for me to wrap my head around that. Yes, I realize how silly that sounds but I’m just being honest here. Though I do have to say that I did get a kick out of at least one sequence in the novel where the boys are driving on their way to San Diego and see a landmark that always cracks me up when I myself make that drive a few times a year. Turns out having the boys doing a hunt in my part of the country wasn’t so bad after all.

The final challenge was (gasp!) a new female character. Okay so don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those fangirls that freaks out the moment there is a little estrogen injected into this series. In fact I am one of the few females (I think) on the planet who had no problem with Bela and actually kind of liked Ruby sometimes. As a fanfiction reader though, I think my initial instincts when I see a new female character in written form is to automatically think of the dreaded “Mary Sue”. For those not familiar with the term, a quick definition of a “Mary Sue” is a character based on the author and therefore perfect in every way (for a more complete definition, you can also check out the Glossary on my Fanfiction Blog).

Am I saying the character of Xochi is a Mary Sue? No way! I’m just saying that because I’ve been burned by those types of characters before, I didn’t immediately warm to her in this book. But once I got over it and realized she wasn’t like any of those other characters I’d read before, I really enjoyed Xochi.

‘Coyote’s Kiss’ also has an epic storyline. One that I think would take at least two episodes to cover in the series. There are whole new monsters to be fought, new lore for the boys to discover and even a whole new apocalypse to be (hopefully) prevented. Plus, I really enjoyed author Christa Faust’s writing style, which made reading the story that much more fun.

So far the only complaint I have about this book is the same complaint I have with the other ones I’ve read, and that is – where is Castiel? He makes a brief (and when I say brief, I mean *brief*) appearance in this one and that’s that. Maybe I just need to snoop around a bit more to find a novel where he plays a bigger role. Then again, maybe I should just write one myself and be sure to include him in it. (*wink*)

Overall I found ‘Coyote’s Kiss’ an enjoyable read and at this point I think I’m ready to put it near the top, if not at the top, of my list of favorites from this series so far.

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