RESCUE ME “344” Review

RESCUE ME “344” Season 7 Episode 6 – That Rescue Me can go from post sex flatulence to insanely deep emotional 9/11 torturous breakdowns and monologues in a flash is indicative of the show’s strengths. And, sometimes, its problems. The sudden changing of tone causes an imbalance that sometimes brings the whole show off its rocker, but you can never accuse the show of not taking risks. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the show sometimes does not work because it can’t quite decide on a tone, while other times it is gobsmacking just how fantastic the show is. This episode was one of those gobsmackingly fantastic episodes filled with little moments which I really just want to rewatch again and again.

It was a dark, poignant episode: the FDNY are called to a gas leak and while they spend their time joking and ragging on Sean and his girlfriend up until they break into the house and find a father and his two kids dead on a couch. It’s a sudden moment, and the long silence afterwards is pregnant with melancholy and really touching. It’s bookended by Sean’s fartress, and while the gas mask gag fell flat on its face, it was kind of weirdly nice. Plus, the scene afterwards when Tommy returns home where all of his family are sleeping and he numbly checks to make sure they’re alive.

After finding the letter his brother left for Sheila, she confronts him in an angry, beautiful scene where she rips him to shreds for reading the letter. “That letter is evidence of the deepest connection that I will ever have with another human being,” she exclaims. It prompts him to write his own letters, which he gives to Lou. Here I thought it would be a comedic moment as Lou starts hunting for cupcakes after reading his letter, but it turns into a devastating monologue, matching the one Feinberg delivered in the beginning, about the victims of 9/11, not those who died, but those who have been walking around dead for a decade.

To top it all off, Tommy goes down to the site of Ground Zero and sits in his car and sees what happened that day once again. A homeless guy pops along and asks for a dollar, and Tommy gives him his bottle of vodka. “This shit real?” “Yeah,” Tommy says, “It’s real.”

This was my favourite episode of Rescue Me not only this season, but one of the most emotional episodes of television I’ve seen in a long while.

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