NECESSARY ROUGHNESS “Losing Your Swing” Review

NECESSARY ROUGHNESS "Losing Your Swing" Episode 8 (5)

NECESSARY ROUGHNESS “Losing Your Swing” Episode 8 – Everyone’s got the yips in this week’s Necessary Roughness, aptly titled “Losing Your Swing.” Well, except maybe TK. Confidence is not something he lacks.

After divorcing himself from Dani last week, TK shows up with a new therapist, a life coach named Lazarus who claims to be able to change TK’s destructive ways in a single week. After all, he’s got a set of balls and Dani doesn’t, so how can she possibly relate to TK’s thoughts, feelings and sexual encounters with four women at once? In the face of such brilliant reasoning, what can she do except step back and wait for the ensuing train wreck?

It’s a good thing that Matthew and Nico aren’t bound by any professional medical guidelines. Seeing through the bull that is Lazarus’s male-dominated schtick, they dig deeper into his past and find out that while he does have a lot of top athletes for clients, he tends to leave them poorer and worse off; he even managed to destroy an entire baseball team. Now it seems he’s set his sights on the Hawks.

Unfortunately, that’s all we found out in this episode. Most of the time was spent on Dani’s latest client, a pro-golfer named Cash who has come down with a severe case of the yips. That’s right…he can’t get anything in the hole and with a little prodding, Dani figures out that it has something to do with his alcoholic caddy/best friend. But even when Cash fires him, he still chokes on the green. Wow, is there any golf terminology that can’t be made to sound dirty?

Turns out, Cash is debilitated by guilt because while he was romancing his future fiancee in a bar, he let his best buddy drink and drive and wrap his car around a tree, which effectively ended his own golfing career, leaving him with nothing to do but caddy for Cash as he hit the big time. In another show, that would have made awesome motivation for murder. Just saying.

Dealing with Cash’s yips makes Dani realize her own ties to the past are keeping her from moving forward. After running into an old flame–literally, with coffee and then with wine and then with her head–she starts to think if her streak of clumsiness might be tied to the fact that she’s still holding on to her wedding rings. Once she chucks them, she’s able to get it on without anyone getting hurt.

There was a little too much subplot in this episode for me. I’m not a huge fan of TK, but I found myself wanting to see more of his quasi-therapy. It seems like they’re setting Lazarus up to be a bigger story, though.

I also find it interesting that eight episodes into the show, Necessary Roughness has decided to get rid of Dani’s best friend Jeanette, by sending her to Barcelona with her Latino lover. Was she not testing well? Was it too hard to see someone as level-headed and professional as Dani have a bubbly, blonde BFF? The world may never know.

What did you think of the episode? Do you continue to be surprised that teenagers on TV will believe their boyfriend of one week before they’ll believe their mother who has clothed and fed and cared for them since birth? Do you think we’ll see Dani’s new boyfriend ever again? Let me know below!