THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING Beautiful Day Episode 10 (2)

THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING “Beautiful Day” Season 1 Episode 10 – “Beautiful Day” was the summer finale of THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING and I have to say that the writers and ABC Family have outdone themselves!

We start with Chloe, Alek, Amy, Paul, Jasmine, and Xavier having a great time at a state fair or something, where Amy is all excited that Chloe and Alek are actually “on a date”. Chloe starts to deny it, blah blah blah (everyone knows you’re lying, Chloe), and we learn that Xavier may have more planned for Jasmine than just smooches.

Turns out he’s part of the plot to kill everyone protecting Chloe, and the easiest way to do this? Well. get close to the uniter and her friends, which turns out to be a plan where he is VERY successful. When Valentina returns to find Jasmine canoodling (okay, they were working out, but Valentina does seem to care) with Xavier, she’s less than pleased. In true form, she is VERY clear that she is HIGHLY disappointed in Jasmine for not watching Chloe 24/7.

Alek, bless his heart, is a little slow and tries to defend his sister, but it ends up doing no good. Especially because he can’t get in touch with Chloe to save his life.

Why is that? Well, Chloe is out with Brian, you know her “friend”, not to be confused with “boyfriend” because that would be deceiving Alek. and Chloe wouldn’t do THAT! Chloe and Brian set off to the address that he found on a letter in his father’s storage unit to see if Brian’s grandmother is alive.

Turns out she is, and is REALLY pleased to see him. And Chloe, which I thought was strange. She welcomes Brian back with open arms and goes into the story of how in love Brian’s father and mother were, and why she was banned from seeing her grandson (apparently she didn’t like his father’s business and spoke up about the effect it would have on Brian).

While they’re visiting, Chloe gets a text from her dad that he is in San Francisco and has to see her THAT night, but she has to be alone. Of course she agrees.

Meanwhile, Amy is talking to Chloe’s mom about the errands Chloe had to run that afternoon and both mom and Amy find that Chloe hasn’t been as honest with them as they would have liked. Confronted by her mother about both Alek and Brian, Chloe admits that she’s in love with Brian but REALLY wishes she weren’t.

It’s teenage angst when Chloe retreats to her bedroom to discover Alek creeping very Edward Cullen like by her window. He’s heard everything, and doesn’t really have a lot to say. What CAN he say? Chloe doesn’t love him, and probably never will.

Cut to Chloe attempting to meet her father at this old abandoned theater. Things go down (like CRAZY things which I won’t spoil in case you haven’t seen the episode) and we’re left with a FANTASTIC summer finale!

While I wasn’t the biggest Nine Lives of Chloe King fan to begin with, the show sucked me in and now has me hooked. The way the writers ended the season leaves a lot of questions open, and also posed a few new questions.

What’s up with Brian’s dad? Was the mysterious woman with Brian’s grandmother his mother? How do they play into this entire saga? I guess we’ll find out when The Nine Lives of Chloe King returns!

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