STATE OF GEORGIA “It’s Not Easy Being Green; Locked Up, A Broad” Review

STATE OF GEORGIA (ABC Family) Flavor of the Week Episode 2

STATE OF GEORGIA “It’s Not Easy Being Green” and “Locked Up, A Broad” Season 1, Episodes 11 and 12 – Tonight, ABC Family aired the final two episodes of this season back to back in a one hour block of State of Georgia.

The first episode, “It’s Not Easy Being Green” had Georgia and Jo abandoning their junk food addiction to snag a pair of New York city farmers. Of course, it’s nearly impossible for Georgia and Jo to break their old habits and although they spared no expense setting up their indoor, organic city farm – complete with a goat – they ultimately decided that they loved their cinnamon cheese bagel crisps more than they loved their green-thumbed hunks.

Georgia’s detailed rules of double dating were hilarious and although those rules made the plot of this episode totally obvious, it was still entertaining. I loved Jo’s interaction with her match, Amos (or should I call him Rick?) since her awkwardness plays so well into these kinds of set ups. Jo’s involuntary “I love you too” response every time Amos told her he loved her, was really funny and Georgia’s stupefied reaction every time it happened was icing on the cake.

In the second episode, “Locked Up, A Broad,” Georgia could not resist the allure of a vintage “Pachuchu” dress that Aunt Honey had treasured since the day it was sewn onto her body in the 1960’s. Aunt Honey forbade Georgia from touching the dress, but once Georgia has an idea, there’s no way to change her mind. Of course, she drags Jo down into the storage basement with her and the minute Georgia puts the dress on, she gets tangled in a chair. Jo tries to help her, but gets her hair tangled in the chair and when Jo calls for help from her nerdy trio of classmates, the situation goes from bad to worse.

Aunt Honey was pure gold in this episode. From using her financial adviser Jules as her “technology” to locking Georgia and Jo in the storage room and watching for entertainment, everything she did was funny. I laughed out loud when the goat from Georgia’s gardening escapade suddenly reappeared in the “small” screening room to munch on popcorn with Aunt Honey and Jules.

Aunt Honey’s forgiving attitude and her little speech about family at the end was on the verge of getting a little too corny, but her last minute addition of telling Georgia that she would have to go down to the police department to take responsibility for hitting a hot dog cart saved it from getting too sappy.

Although these two episodes were not my favorite of the season, both “It’s Not Easy Being Green” and “Locked Up, a Broad” had some great laughs. Every week, I’m impressed by how funny this cast is and even when the jokes or the story lines are predictable, I still enjoy watching episodes of State of Georgia. Looking back at this first season, there have been a handful of stellar scenes that really stood out and those moments are enough to make me look forward to future episodes with Georgia, Jo and Aunt Honey.