Spoilers Revealed: Kevin McKidd Talks About GREY’S ANATOMY’S New Chief

TVLine has unearthed some huge spoilers surrounding GREY’S ANATOMY‘s new upcoming season after speaking with cast member Kevin McKidd, who plays Dr. Owen Hunt.

According to McKidd, Seattle Grace’s longtime Chief, Dr. Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.), will be stepping down, making way for a new chief to run the halls of the famous hospital – Dr. Owen Hunt. “He’s as surprised as anybody else about this. And he’s nervous about it,” McKidd told the news outlet on set. “He’s a man of action, really, and the head of trauma surgery — that’s what he knows. Suddenly, he’s in a more administrative position. I think the way he deals with that is going to be interesting.”

Dr. Hunt’s surprising move won’t be a smooth transition by any means. Not only is he dealing with some serious pressures on the career front, but his girlfriend and co-worker Dr. Christina Yang (Sandra Oh), who is also expecting, will also reportedly create some hard times. “People give him a hard time,” McKidd revealed. “It’s not going to be easy for Owen being the chief in the aftermath of Richard Webber.”

McKidd also touched on Chief Webber’s decision to step down after years of running the hospital. “Because of what’s happening with Adele [and her Alzheimer’s] and what happened with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek’s (Patrick Dempsey) tainted drug trial,” Webber is officially ready to step down.

Fans will get to see all of these exciting new changes when Grey’s Anatomy returns on September 22nd with a two hour season 8 premiere.