ROYAL PAINS “Run Hank Run” Review

ROYAL PAINS (USA) "Run Hank Run" Season 3 Episode 8

ROYAL PAINS “Run Hank Run” Season 3 Episode 8 – Talk about your shocking revelations. Since early on in this series, we’ve known about Boris and his disease. He has agonized over it, asked for help from both Hank and Marissa with it, and even considered not having children in order to keep from passing it on to anyone else. So to find out that it is in fact not a disease, but probably just a simple mutation and that poison may have been the culprit for the deaths in his family…like I said, shocking revelation.

It makes me happy to know that neither Boris nor his son is heading towards a debilitating illness. Also, we now have the wonderful mystery of figuring out who has been poisoning him. I know some people are theorizing that it’s Dieter but I’m hoping that’s not true as I kind of dig that guy.

Meanwhile Paige and Evan are still super cute and I loved that he entered a painting into the show for her. I especially love that he didn’t really blink an eye when it turned out to be one of him in all his glory. He’s gotta be the most supportive boyfriend ever. It’s just too bad the episode ended with her disappearing and Evan wondering where she was. I don’t think she’s off seeing someone else (as Evan seems to think), but judging by the previews for next week, it still looks like it’s not going to be smooth sailing for them for at least a little while. But at least it looks like we’re also going to finally find out what her big secret is.

My favorite bits..

Hank in shorts. (Now c’mon, y’all know by now there’s no way I was gonna let that go without saying something.)

Hank and Jane outdoing each other with the medical/running jargon.

“Kate Winslet eat your heart out.”

Evan confusing a brush cleaning canvas with an abstract. Not that I blame him. I have no idea about that stuff either.

“You’re really, really good…and you can paint, too.” – Oh Evan, you naughty boy.

Evan attempting to be a ninja and completely ruining it by knocking over the cup of brushes.

“If you say Donatello, I am going to know you are citing Ninja Turtles.”

LOL! Huge rubber duckies in tonight’s episode And with that, two fandoms collide. (for those who have no idea what I’m talking about, people from the show Supernatural are currently doing a charity drive using rubber duckies)

Did anyone else really want that assistant to move their arm from that painting of Evan or was it just me?

Jane and Hank using the word “kaflooey” and almost making it sound professional.

Eric apparently check out Evan’s um…attributes.

Feeling very sorry for both Mark Feuerstein and Autumn Reeser (who played Jane). I’m sure those two were running for days on end in order to film those scenes.

Evan trying to block Hank’s view of the painting and it turning into a little dance.

Hank’s reaction to seeing Evan’s picture.

“It’s like an accident. You want to look away, but you can’t.”

“Do you call that forced perspective or wishful thinking?”

Being really scared for Boris after he gave Hank the veritable laundry list of symptoms he was feeling.

I know it’s completely inappropriate considering what’s happening to him, but I am still sorta appreciating a little shirtless Boris. Just sayin’.

Hank turning into a full on detective. Who would’ve thought to check the pool??

HOLY CRAP! Boris may not have a disease at all, but just a mutation? And all the men in his family may have died of poisoning? Wow.

Divya trying to act completely surprised when Hank told her all about how “some nurse” figured out what was wrong with Jane. Har.

The happy little song Hank was singing to himself when he walked of the kitchen.

Hank is so right. Evan being so quiet and still was very worrying. That’s not like him at all. Poor Evan.

What did you think of this episode of Royal Pains? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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