MELISSA & JOEY “Young Love” and “Mel & Joe’s Anniversary” Review


MELISSA & JOEY “Young Lov” and “Mel & Joe’s Anniversary” Episodes 21 and 22 – ABC Family gave us another double episode of MELISSA & JOEY this week. It looks like this might be a pattern through the end of the summer season. This week’s episodes involved Mel falling for a much younger guy while Joe tried to figure out how to celebrate his wedding anniversary even though he is no longer with Tiffany.

Although I liked both episodes, I enjoyed Mel’s storyline the most. Perhaps it was the actor that played George that swayed me. He was very endearing and I could understand why Mel would fall for him. Despite his bike riding, last minute sking plans and eight year age difference, he seemed rather mature. He was mature enough to recognize that Mel had responsibilities. He also had some really smooth lines, or at least delivery, including “I got all the way home and realized I forgot something. Your phone number.” Of course, the age difference only gave Joe a lot of comic fodder. Some of my favorites included “What do you know, your paperboy is here” and “Better tell your face. It doesn’t look too comfs.” George is the best guy Mel has dated so far and I am glad he is sticking around for at least another episode.

As for Joe’s story, it involves Tiffany again. I still do not get the attraction with her. They seem so ill suited. I suppose it was rather sweet to send her an anniversary card (of course ignoring the fact she never got it), but this is the same woman that rewards the sweetness with a quickie in the bathroom for “old times sake.” Wouldn’t you expect someone a bit more classy to be with Joe? Perhaps that is the point. It would be nice if they could have Joe date someone that does not appear to be vying for some stereotype.

I was also a fan of the Lennox story involving her co-editor Roman. Was anyone really surprised that their anger turned to attraction? Maybe just them. What young boy wouldn’t hear “put your money where your mouth is” as a personal challenge to kiss you? I loved the ending with them holding hands under the table as they pretended to hate each other so they could both stay on the job. I hope Roman sticks around too.

What did you think of this week’s double episode of Melissa & Joey? Do you think that Mel will run off to Italy with George as hinted at in the preview for next week? Will George make it past next week? Tell me what you think down below.

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