Exclusive Interview: PAIR OF KINGS’ Kelsey Chow Talks Fight Scenes, Spider-Man and True Blood

Kelsey Chow

Daemon’s TV had the opportunity to chat with the extremely delightful and charming Kelsey Chow who plays Mikayla Mikula in Disney XD’s hit series “Pair of Kings” which stars Mitchel Musso and Doc Shaw.

Kelsey took some time out of her busy school/work schedule to open up about a myriad of topics including how it feels to be in the sophomore season of the show, the potential for a third season for Pair of Kings and being in the upcoming blockbuster movie “The Amazing Spider-Man” starring Andrew Garfield.

Check out what Kelsey had to say below and also don’t forget to catch her on Pair of Kings which airs Mondays 8:00 PM et/pt on Disney XD.

Second season for ‘Pair of Kings’ is well under way now, that must’ve been exciting?

Kelsey Chow: Oh, absolutely, and honestly, this season has been a real blast. Last week we just had, or actually it was yesterday, a massive episode where we brought in these white craft cameras. The technology is absolutely amazing, and so we’re doing everything bigger and better this year, for sure.

How do you describe your show to someone who’s never seen it?

Kelsey Chow: Well, I guess I begin with the general synopsis, twin brothers, Brady and Boomer, who find out that they’re kings of an island, and what’s great about it is that I used to tell people that it was kind of a Disney sized ‘Lost’. There’s a lot of magic and mystery to the island which definitely makes it worth watching and all the characters that are involved, the monsters and the creatures, the people that they meet along the way is really what the show is all about. The relationship between the brothers, even though they’re in this crazy world they’re very relatable and they have normal teenage boy problems.

Your character, Mikayla, is sort of the voice of reason, right?

Kelsey Chow: Oh, yeah, absolutely. She keeps everyone in check and she’s also the head guard of the island, and so to be able to explore her martial arts side has been really awesome.

Did you have to train a lot for that?

Kelsey Chow: Yeah. Our stunt coordinator on the show is fantastic. Danny Wayne. After I went back to school for a semester, after we ended the first season, I took a karate class, and then also this year we have a couple of episodes that are really stunt heavy and I worked with the stunt coordinator on some wire work and it was something that I’d never really done before. We worked really hard and it was a learning experience that was great.

Would you want to do more of that?

Kelsey Chow: Definitely. It’s awesome.

There’s a lot of humor in the show. What’s the atmosphere on the set?

Kelsey Chow: It’s awesome. It’s actually really chill. We have these huge episodes with monsters and special FX and stunts, and so you’d think that everyone is running around crazy to get everything done, but it’s actually really relaxed. We are all really happy to be around each other. We have a great time. I guess I can’t speak for everyone, but for me I’m extremely happy when I’m on set, and we do, we hangout on and off set. These people really mean a lot to me.

How many episodes are left for the season?

Kelsey Chow: Lets see, I think we have an order for twenty six and I think we have four more.

What’s coming up for the rest of the season then?

Kelsey Chow: Well, let me think. We started airing season two Monday night, and I think you just met Mason’s brother, Mikayla’s uncle, and you seen a little bit of a love interest for Boomer and you’ll definitely see a little more of what’s going on between Brady and Mikayla. We’ve got a special guest star coming up. We’ve got ogres. We’ve got monsters of certain types, fairies, ghosts.

Are you guys getting a smoke monster like ‘Lost’?

Kelsey Chow: I actually know what you’re talking about. I have not seen ‘Lost’ that much. I’ve seen a couple episodes. The smoke monster. No, we don’t have that so much. Maybe a different version.

There’s a season three coming up then, right?

Kelsey Chow: Nothing official as of right now. We’ll see.

Have there been any hints, is it looking good?

Kelsey Chow: I’m going to get in trouble. I hope so. It may look good, but I don’t know. We never know what’s going on. They’ll tell us soon, hopefully.

I’m sure fans will be happy to hear there’s hope

Kelsey Chow: There’s always hope.

‘One Tree Hill’ is coming back for a ninth and final season. Will you make a final appearance?

Kelsey Chow: I don’t know. I’m really excited for them. I know it’s nice for them to have this final season for closure, for sure, and I think the fans deserve that as well because their fans are incredible, extremely dedicated. I will definitely be watching and we’ll see if Gigi comes to disrupt Mouth’s life again.

You’re pretty active on Twitter. Does that help you keep in touch with your fans?

Kelsey Chow: Oh, absolutely. I just joined Twitter. I was so unsure of it. I didn’t know if I wanted to do it or not. My main reason for doing it was that I could communicate with the fans and see what they thought about the show because honestly that’s the most important part. We have so much fun on the show, but to see our fans response and how people like the show and what we need to do and not do, that’s what’s really interesting to find out. I gave it a try, yeah, and it’s been awesome. It’s really great and it’s such a great way to reach out.

Outside of Twitter, have you ever had any interesting fan interactions?

Kelsey Chow: I do every now and then. Most people ask me why Mikayla does not like King Brady, and I don’t have an answer for them. I like King Brady, but I guess the writers just aren’t for that relationship yet. I remember Doc [Shaw] and I went to Knotsberry Farm and had some run ins, and there you’re all waiting for the roller coaster and so it’s kind of an interesting thing, waiting in the line for that and talking to the fans. It’s cool.

Being an up and coming actress has inherent challenges. What kind of approach do you take with your career?

Kelsey Chow: I definitely don’t make plans. I found that in the past it never really works out the way that you plan it. I love to do this and it makes me happy. Like I said, when I’m on set I’m at my happiest. Right now, working in children’s television is an incredible experience, an incredible learning experience. So, I want to continue. I’m in school as well and I want to finish that. I want to kind of explore all types of acting. I did theater when I was much younger and I’d love to do film. So, I’m going to take it one step at a time. I think the most important part is just to enjoy it and not let it pass by.

You do still go to school. How do you juggle both worlds, school and work?

Kelsey Chow: It’s a little challenging. It’s a bit of a mental adjustment. We wrapped September 2nd and classes started September 7th, and so I grabbed all my things and moved to New York. It was really hard and I was trying to juggle the promotional aspect of it in New York and I was, like, ‘Oh, my gosh, I have papers to write.’ But it’s made me appreciate college so much. The people there are extremely motivating. Everyone has a good time, of course, but they work really hard and they have goals and they’re very ambitious which totally drives you. So, I want to do the same. I want to finish school and I want to keep acting and have this multi-dimensional aspect to my career.

Then the message to fans is stay in school even if you have an acting gig and an awesome show?

Kelsey Chow: [laughs] Yes, stay in school, kids.

Do you have any other upcoming projects between school and work?

Kelsey Chow: I do. I have a very small, little thing in the next ‘Spider-Man’ movie.

That’s amazing.

Kelsey Chow: Thank you so much. I found out last minute and I took off work for a day and went on set and it was surreal. It was crazy.

Who do you work with in the film?

Kelsey Chow: I’m a character school. I play the role of Sally Avril.

I bet being on the set was great.

Kelsey Chow: Absolutely. Just being on the set was great, and I’m very excited to be in the movie and it was interesting to see Andrew Garfield work. It’s such a huge role and it’s a lot to take on, and I think he’s really has a vision with it as well Mark Webb. I think it’s going to be a great movie.

If you could guest star on any other television show, which one would it be?

Kelsey Chow: Right now I would say it would be a tie. It would be a tie between ‘Game of Thrones‘ or ‘True Blood‘.

Fictional gun to your head, which one would you pick?

Kelsey Chow: Oh, no.

There’s Bill and Eric and then the wolves and the dragons.

Kelsey Chow: It’s an impossible thing. If they do their crossover episode I’ll be in that one.

So you’re going to stay with a tie?

Kelsey Chow: Well, I’m going to pick…’True Blood’ is on right now. So, I’m going to go with that one now. I’ll let you know when it changes which will probably be in seconds.

Kelsey Chow