BROTHERS & SISTERS The Complete Fifth Season DVD Review

brothers and sisters season5 dvd
ABC is releasing the complete (and final) 5th season of BROTHERS & SISTERS on DVD. The DVD contains all 22 episodes of the seasons as well as bonus features including deleted scenes, audio commentary, a behind the scenes with the writers, a behind the scenes look at one of the actors, an alternate ending and a bloopers and outtakes reel.

Brothers & Sisters is a drama that follows the Walker family, headed by matriarch Nora, as the family members go about their daily lives and adventures. Naturally there is a lot of drama, but also some tender moments and more than enough humorous moments as well. From marriages to divorces, from babies to graduations and all points in between, it has been a journey with the Walkers. A pleasant one in my opinion. Who didn’t wish that they were standing in the kitchen with the Walkers listening to Nora gently lecturing or being a part of the phone tree that the family regularly participated in?

Want to know more about the Bonus Features? They are spread out over the 5 discs and include:

Deleted Scenes – There is at least one deleted scene per disc. The scenes span the entire season. Some are extremely short while some are a decent length. For those that did not want this series to end, you will find some satisifaction at seeing “new” scenes. My favorite by far was on the second disc entitled “taking sides” and involved a scene with Nora, Saul and Kevin. It had the most poignant line perhaps ever uttered by Nora about Saul’s hiding her husband’s cheating from her.

Audio Commentary – There are two episodes that have audio commentary on them. The first episode is on the third disc and is called “Cold Turkey.” The second is on the fourth disc and is called “Wouldn’t it Be Nice.” The same three commentators are on both and include a production coordinator, a co-producer and a producer. The trio have a lot of fun with the commentary. In fact, I think it easily mirrors the show in the way that they are sidetracked and truly enjoying what they are doing. There are also a lot of interesting tidbits to pick up along the way such as their comments as to the theory that the color of the main title is somehow a prediction as to what is going to occur in that episode.

Gilles Marini: Uncovered – This was a behind the scenes look at the actor that played Luc Laurent on the series. Peppered with comments and thoughts from the other actors, Gilles takes the viewer behind the scenes with trips to the sets and a showing of the 100th episode celebration.

Writing for the Walkers – My favorite feature was the behind the scenes with the writers. They were gathered in a group to discuss how they write for the show. Additionally, the viewer is shown actual brainstorming sessions. Although it looked fun, it was also apparent that a lot of work and thought goes into the process. I was amazed at the level of personal experiences and stories that the writers relied upon. That explains why the show seemed so relatable!

Bloopers and Outtakes – This bonus feature was extremely short, clocking in at only a couple of minutes. Like most bloopers these days, I did not find them all that funny.

Alternate Ending – Although even shorter than the bloopers, I thought it was a terrific alternate ending and a great wrap up to the show. This is especially true knowing that there are no more seasons of the show.

My verdict on this DVD is to definitely go out and buy it. It is evident from the audio commentary that the producers were not aware at the time that it was their last season. While that might actually make the DVD collectible, I also think it makes it that much more interesting. It is different to view an ordinary season with alternate eyes knowing there will be no continuation to the story. If you are a fan of Brothers & Sisters, this is a must have. Even if you are not, however, I think the bonus features are worth the purchase.

Brothers & Sisters The Complete Fifth Season will be released to DVD on August 23rd.

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