THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER “4-1-1” Season 4 Episode 10 – There was something so pert and quaint in the way this episode wrapped up that really set my jaw on edge. Now before, in another life, I used to think that the writers treated the Amy Juergens characters with zero respect by giving her rubbish storylines and terrible lines of dialogue. But the simple, cold hearted truth of the matter became evident last season, somewhere around the time Bristol Pailn showed up to make Shailene Woodley look like Mary Louise Parker in Angels in America. I’ve just been in denial ever since. Amy Juergens is a bad character, and almost everything she does is nasty. She’s not the protagonist: she’s the anti-hero, the Walter White of Breaking Bad except instead of dealing meth she’s dealing diapers.

There’s just no other excuse for the insanity of the plot. Let’s go over it: Ricky caught Amy snooping in his phone after they spent what is roughly equivalent to the time passed by Upper Palaeolithic age arguing about Ricky’s faithfulness and Amy’s lack of trust in him. So Ricky, understandably, goes berserk at this breach of privacy. Amy, because she has a spine as strong as a string of over-boiled spaghetti, spends a week sobbing. Because she literally has nothing else to do. Ricky goes to her several times and tells her that he was offended because what she did was, in his mind, a breach of trust because he loves her, not Adrian, and will never allow himself to be wiled by Adrian’s womanly ways so long as he’s with Amy – all he ask in return is that she respect him enough not to snoop through his things. Amy turns this argument around and continues her pious arguing, even in front of their son who I imagine will have a fair few juicy stories to tell the psychologist (“I remember a lovely summer’s day when mommy took me to see the admissions whore who tried to sleep with daddy and almost cost him his place in college.”) and soon has Ricky almost in tears, crying out that he never trusted anyone or allowed anyone to trust him until he met Amy. So in the end, Amy masterfully managed to switch the entire situation around so that Ricky blamed himself for Amy snooping into his phone. Awesome. What a positive message: hey girls, whinge and bitch long enough and your man will come back to you with an apology ’cause you are never wrong!

Adrian continued in her quest to single-handedly destroy feminism through some faux-insane scheme, and Grace, who has the odd roll of being the voice of reason and therefore almost an audience surrogate, watches with her boyfriend Daniel as Adrian purrs her way into the favors of Dante – and no, not that Dante either.

What did you think of this episode? Are you as fascinated by the weirdly insane and inane psychologies of the characters as I am? Or can you make a case for the show, point out areas of sincere enjoyment which I’m clearly missing? Sound off in the comments below!

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