EUREKA “Of Mites and Men” Review

Eureka "Of Mites and Men" Review

EUREKA “Of Mites and Men” Season 4 Episode 16 – So the other shoe has dropped, the trumpet has sounded, the atom has been split…last Monday SyFy announced that EUREKA would be ending after Season 5. While it’s normal to feel a little down in the dumps about things, we can take solace in that starting with “Of Mites and Men” we still have 5 great episodes left this season (not to mention 14 more next season!) before the end.

The Astraeus candidates have moved on to the psychological round of testing. This means that Fargo, Parrish, Holly, and Jo are locked in an isolation chamber and have to perform tasks while under the effects of different stressors, including a stowed away Zane. Things start going well, but a power loss leaves the group entirely cutoff from Global Dynamics with no way out of the chamber.

At the same time, a series of weird sonic booms go off through GD causing damage and almost leading to Carter taking a long trip down an elevator shaft without the benefit of the elevator. Initially Carter thinks it may be caused by the scientist testing the Astraeus comm systems, but the true cause are the construction mites that are building the ship’s hull. When they were sped up to meet the new mission timeline, the mites went a little crazy and started building parts of the ship throughout GD using the support beams as raw material.

When most people or businesses have a bug problem they call an exterminator. In Eureka, of course, the bugs are indestructible and eat through everything so a regular exterminator will probably not cut it. The best the GD team can do is create a sonic bug bomb that Carter has to deliver to the isolation chamber holding the Astraeus candidates before its too late. The mites trap Carter just before he can activate the bomb but the Astraeus candidates are able to break out of the chamber and help him stop the mites before the ceiling crashed in on them.

There was a lot of buzz from the cast the this episode of Eureka had the best scenes between Neil Grayston, Wil Wheaton, and Felicia Day. Let me sum those scenes up with a “Wow!” and an “OMG!”. It’s hard to believe Wheaton and Day are only guest stars, they flow so well with the other characters as if they were there on Day 1.

The entire isolation chamber sequence gave us a very interesting insights into each character. Parrish has the ability to be a complete dick (ironic because it’s Wheaton), Jo is still insecure about her qualifications to the mission, and Zane is willing to do anything to get to space. All of it was well written with a good amount of tension amd some hilarious dialogue, the highlight of which was Holly’s description of her flexibility while seeing Fargo drool in the corner. The closing scene between Holly and Fargo was awesome because it shows that nice guys can win.

The other big storyline that was almost overshadowed by the mite crisis was Allison’s attempts at getting back to running GD, but getting director-blocked by Sentator Wen at every turn. Salli Richardson-Whitfield did great last week directing an episode of Eureka, but this week she was awesome at conveying Allison’s growing frustrations. This was probably a good enough story to have had it’s own episode, but with only a few episodes left in the season I can see why they packaged it with the mites drama.

Kudos to the writers for bringing in the mature, caring Zane at the end of the episode. As much as I like Zane as the rebel scientist without a cause, it was refreshing to see him step up and be the man that Jo wants him to be. I’m guessing he’ll eventually make the mission, even if he has to stow away again.

Favorite Things from Tonight’s Episode:

– Carter: “I have Sherriffy things to do”
– Holly: “My doctor says I have the bladder of a water buffalo”
– Parrish: “Don’t you all have owl-like night vision? Oh that’s just me.”
– The entire Holly dialogue about being flexible, to quote it here would be too far out of context and possibly not safe for work.
– The mites themselves. They reminded me of the replicators from Stargate Atlantis

What did you think of this episode? Did you enjoy the focus on the isolation chamber or did you want more Allison and Carter? Are you ready for a more mature Zane? How are you taking the cancellation of the show? I look forward to your responses in the comments section below.

Next week love is blooming throughout Eureka, but a pesky methane cloud puts a damper on everyones spirits not to mention their ability to breathe. The next episode of Eureka, “Clash of the Titans” airs next Monday night at 8 PM EDT on SyFy.

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