CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM “The Hero” Season 8 Episode 8 – Who would have guessed Larry to be a hero? The episode started off as last week’s episode ended, on a plane bound for New York. A stewardess is being harassed by a drunk man, and Larry’s inconvenient shoelaces save the day as he topples on top of the man, in effect saving the day and getting the girl in one fell swoop.

Ricky Gervais stars as a version of himself, visiting New York to perform his show Mister Simmington, a drama about a man in the First World War on Broadway. We first meet him when Larry decides to buy him a bottle of wine in a restaurant. Tensions rise when Gervais orders the most expensive bottle of wine in the restaurant. These tensions continue between Larry and Gervais as the latter offers to get the former tickets to his Broadway show, only to end up making Larry pay for it. At a dinner party, the couples are separated and in a hilarious scene Larry finds himself paired up with the beige husband of a Broadway star on the distinctly unfun end of the table whilst Gervais laughs it up with Larry’s latest flame Donna.

In the end, following Donna and Gervais onto the subway like an absolute creep, Larry stops a mugging with his baguette. It’s an absurd, hilarious scene which finishes off what is my favorite episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm since the season eight premiere. It begs the question is Larry a hero? And in one sense, yes, he absolutely is. In another, funnier and more complex sense we have to examine his motivations and conclude that his actions were heroic, if not his intentions, which is completely the opposite of just about every other so-called hero ever. It’s a pretty awesome thought.

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Favorite lines:

Ricky Gervais: “Seinfeld was lovely. I love broad comedy.”

Hank to Larry: “You know when I first saw you, I guessed you for a Spaniard.”

Ricky Gervais: “It’s not every day that the Archduke Ferdinand is struck down by an assassin’s bullet.”

“Oh and, you’re right about the bread Simmington. It is hard.”

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