TRUE BLOOD “Spellbound” Review

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TRUE BLOOD “Spellbound” Season 4 Episode 8 – Last episode of True Blood ended with Jessica opening the door into sunlight. And after waiting a week to find out what happens next it is now time to talk about “Spellbound.” As always let’s take it one character at a time.


As I predicted last week, Jason saves Jessica from the sun and… they kiss! OMG that happened way faster than I thought it would.

BUT that’s all that will happen at least for now because even though Jessica broke up with Hoyt, Jason, being a loyal friend, took back his invitation from Jessica and sent her away.

Even though I know it would break Hoyt’s heart if Jason and Jessica ended up together, I think they would make an interesting couple.

Jessica & Hoyt

“OMFG! Did Jessica just kill Hoyt?” was my thought when I saw that scene between the two, but of course it was just a dream. But honestly, wouldn’t it have been INSANE if it was true, yet at the same so good story-wise? Don’t get me wrong I’m happy it was just a dream, because it would be a big stretch for the character of Jessica, but still it was kind of an awesome moment.

Of course even though she didn’t kill him, Jessica finally broke up with Hoyt. We all knew it was coming anyway, but to be honest I didn’t expect Hoyt to react the way he did. At the same time I’m happy he didn’t react the way he did in the dream, that would have just made him quite pathetic.

I am looking forward to seeing how their storyline evolves separately now.


We found out that the ex-husband of his girlfriend is Marcus the Alpha werewolf of Alcide’s pack. That’s a turn of events I didn’t expect because I thought Marcus was ok up until then.

I wonder who would win in a fight, Marcus or Sam? And this also brings back my question of whether shapeshifters can shift into werewolves…?


It’s official there is no hope for Tommy, especially now that he can shift into different people. That reminds me, couldn’t Sam do that too if he wanted?

Lafayette & Arlene’s Baby

We finally find out what that creepy doll is all about and I knew it had something to do with all the disturbing stuff happening. I don’t understand why Terry and Arlene would leave such a dirty doll with their baby.

And why didn’t Lafayette say anything to Terry and Arlene about their baby being haunted? I know I would want to know. And now it’s too late since she took over his body.

Also that song she sings is kind of weird because it doesn’t usually goes that way (unless it’s a version I’m not aware of), so I’m curious to find out what it all means. Or maybe I’m overthinking it and it’s just a song she used to sing and nothing else.

By the way, where’s Jesus? Wouldn’t he notice Lafayette acting weird?


I wonder how the fact that she sided with the witches will affect her friendship with Sookie. One thing’s for sure, it is that friendship which saved her life.

Sookie & Eric

Eric told Sookie: “We will be one” so that she would drink his blood and they had some sort of experience together (that snow scene was really pretty!). But I’m a bit confused because I don’t remember that happening with her and Bill and we know she drank his blood. So is it something that they just didn’t show with Bill or did I miss something?

In other news, I like how Sookie finally acknowledged that she has powers that can help in a war situation, even though she can’t control them very well. And as we saw they once again became useful for her to defend herself. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to protect against bullets. Boo!


My newfound love for this new Bill continues this episode. He is such an interesting character this season. I just love his crisis management with the “vampire suicide” and how he tried to make a deal with Antonia.

Unfortunately, I don’t think Bill will ever be able to make peace with Antonia, she’s too angry and vindictive. Still you have to admire his negotiating skills.


So Alcide promised Debbie to stay away from Sookie and the whole vampire/witches business, but did we really believe he would? I know I didn’t.

And of course as I suspected Alcide couldn’t stay away. The only problem is that Debbie saw him run to find Sookie. That doesn’t bode very well for him and for his place in the pack either because I’m thinking Debbie will tell on him.


This episode had another good cliffhanger.

Sookie gets shot and Alcide is able to take her away. Obviously she won’t die, but I wonder if Bill will be able to cure her and if not how she will get out of it. Will the fairies come into play once more?

As for Eric, not only has he lost his memory, but now he is under Antonia’s control. I don’t like this… I don’t like this at all… is it next Sunday yet?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the episode. Are you hoping for Jason to change his mind about Jessica? Do you think Sam can take Marcus? What about Antonia, are you as afraid of what she might do with Eric as I am? You can share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • KrisE

    I loved this episode! It had a little bit of everything, and it really felt like a “buckle your seatbelts!” moment. For one thing, I don’t think Sam can “skinwalk” because it was said that the person had to have killed someone of his or her own family. Luna could do it only because of her mother dying in childbirth. I keep wondering whether Luna having this ability will come into play at all. But, if Sam killed Tommy (they will really have to find that kid some redeeming qualities if he is going to be kept around because he is just irritating right now) then he’d get that ability. The Marcus as Emma’s dad thing didn’t surprise me, because if it was just a random were, it would be too easy to imagine Sam prevailing. Marcus is not only a strong were, but he has underlings to come to his aid. 

    I was under the impression that the “trip” that Eric and Sookie take (finally! a satisfyingly intimate and loving love scene for those two) was possible because of her Fairy blood and his old, potent blood. She’s never had such old blood. I would think that, unless the writers are snoozing a little, that fact ought to be in her favor with this latest injury. Also, it might work in their favor if she is able to “feel” that something is wrong with him.

    Jessica may be in a really bad place, but I am so glad she is going through this! Hoyt is very sweet, but this is their first relationship ever, and they both just came out of very sheltered and simple lives. It can be easy to forget how little Jessica knew before her change, but it is so well-portrayed here. Especially in the difference between her dream of the breakup (every young girl wants to believe her boyfriend would die without her and that she’d be strong enough to not care) and the much more brutal reality. Jason always has the greatest stories, but I love that we have finally found a moral sticking place for him. He is really so bad most of the time, and the fact that he finally wants someone he knows he should not have is wonderful to see. I pray they don’t end this plot too quickly.  

    I know Tara has been very badly hurt by the vampires, but I am anxious to see a Tara who starts to take ownership of her own life and quit trying to lash out at the people she blames for her situation. I love this character. But she has become an eternal victim, and even her “defense” by teaming up with Marnie is not her own path. I am waiting to see Tara start to see the world a little less black-and-white. I am hoping that the fact that she now owes her life to a vampire will make her think twice about her prejudice and begin to weigh the individuals for their merits, as she wants for herself. She has a great arc, and I am hopeful that she is on the verge of something this season. I’d love to see her find some way to work with Bill, something that will bring her into their world and give her personal power in a way she’s never experienced before, revealing a stronger, more confident woman. 

    I knew Alcide would not keep his promise to Debbie as soon as the words left his lips. I just didn’t think it would go down so quickly. I’ve actually begun to like Debbie, which was something I think they intended. She seems sincere in her desire to find ways to live sober and have a healthy relationship. She is making some of the same mistakes many women have made again and again. I feel sure she will not survive the season, and I am not as pleased about that as I was in the books. Alcide is not hers to lose, though. He was gone as soon as Sookie returned. Poor Debbie. And because Sookie is so vamp-obsessed, poor Alcide, too. 

    I am literally on the edge of my seat, wondering what is going to happen next week. Mostly because of the chilling scene where Eric seemed to RELISH the touch of Antonia as she took him over. How will that affect Sookie? What havoc will Antonia wreak with a thousand-year-old vampire made of silly-putty at her command? Assuming she doesn’t try to destroy him!?!

    • Anonymous

      I liked all of what you had to say. And from the moment Marcus appeared I knew the part he would play in Luna and her daughter’s lives.

      About Jess and Hyot, people seem to forget that before she was a vampire she was a 17 year old girl. And Hyot was like 28 years old. A late bloomer, but had that been my daughter I would not have allowed those two to enter into a relationship. So, being young in both human and vampire terms I agreed with her statement that maybe they rushed into things. Especially with Jess being so young, she has to determine what it means to be a vampire and what parts of her nature are all right by her. Jess glamoring Hyot was the beginning of the end in my book. You can’t control people and still hope to be equals in a relationship. That was abusive on her part. But I didn’t expect Hyot’s reaction. I think that maybe what Ball was trying to say is that just b/c one enters a relationship with someone of a diff. race, culture or religion does not mean that individual is free from prejudice. So for Hyot to come out with such vitriol it reminded me of when he refused Jess offering her blood and saying he didn’t like that “vampire shit” or whatever. It seemed like they were becoming some poster child for vampire/human relationships, but really that isn’t them. They were experiencing things for the first time and they were imperfect.

      Jess’ dream was wicked awesome.

      I’m also hoping for better for Tara. I feel like she will have a significant change this season. I don’t know if she will find a role in vamp/human society integration, but that would be something to look forward to. But it will be diff from the treatment Sookie receives. It’s already been explained well enough that Sookie is special because of her non-human blood. So one wonders what kind of role Tara could play in the changing society, but I feel that with at least Bill as a guide and some form of protection she could find a suitable role and start building herself back up again.

      Sookie’s reverse harem of protective vamp and werewolf men reminded me of an experience I had at a club near my college. Anyway, I was with a friend who was a member of a sorority. She told me that sorority sisters and fraternity brothers have a special relationship that if a brother sees a sister being mistreated he has an obligation to help her out. Essentially, sisters are protected due to their association with brothers, whereas normal chicks would need to rely on their own posses or just themselves. So, Sookie’s privileges due to fairy blood make me wonder how Tara is going to fare in all of this. The sorority/fraternity example could apply in different settings, but that’s the one that comes to mind immediately.

      I’m just wondering what this new society with mainstreaming vampires is supposed to look like if vampires don’t want to give up the privileges of being vampires. It’s not just about killing people. You can’t glamor folks all willy nilly either. In The Vampire Diaries that led to rape situations, so I don’t see it faring any better in True Blood.

      I like Debbie and feel bad for her. Alcide shouldn’t have betrayed her like that. I could understand Debbie’s insecurity; she knew something was up but couldn’t do much to stop things. I like that she’s trying to improve her life, stay sober and find kindred people in a new pack. I can really relate to her need for community.

      Can’t wait till the next episode.

    • Ah see I knew I missed something I thought you just had to kill someone in order to be a skin walk, I forgot the part about it being a member of your family. That definitely clears it up.

      And I love your idea of Tara and Bill working together. Now that would be an interesting twist.

  • Sue

    These episodes keep getting better and better.  And, the preview for next week really left you wondering and (waiting sucks!) for Sunday to be here already!  I realize the “V” trip that Eric & Sookie took was a little weird but I agree with KrisE…..Eric’s blood to Sookie is like fairy blood to Eric.  I don’t want to bring up the books, but, Eric does not give his blood freely.  It is very old and probably will heal her from her wound.

    Eric’s behavior was strange at the end – unless the spell that Antonio was casting that Sookie let Bill know about affected him.  I know there are those that are tiring of Eric & Sookie and all the emotions involved.  Some have said it is a little to sugary to be believable.  Be patient – when Eric’s memory is restored you have to know that he won’t remember how wonderful it was with Sookie.  Let’s see their relationship then.

    Love Jason!  This week love Andy’s lines and expressions!  He made the most of his time on the screen.

    Interesting when Bill told Tara “you know why” when he saved her life.  There may be more going on here than we know.  If anyone has seen the preview shown at Comic Con 2011, there is a confrontation between Sookie, Eric and Tara.  I agree Bill is way more interesting this year instead of walking around always saying “Sookie”, but he does have an underlying agenda and the ability of not being as nice as everyone thinks he is.

    One month left…..thank God for HBOGO!

    • Thank you for mentioning Bill’s “you know why” comment because I think there is something going on that we don’t know about. Perhaps something happened whilst Sookie was in the Land of the Fae…

    • At first I thought there might be a reason I wasn’t aware of for Bill saving Tara, but then I thought I might be overthinking it. So maybe I was right after there might be something more to it than Tara being Sookie’s friend.