HAVEN “Roots” Review

HAVEN "Roots" Season 2 Episode 5

HAVEN “Roots” Season 2, Episode 5 – Although the Trouble-of-the-week story in this episode of Haven was interesting, it was the developments in the character stories that made “Roots” worth watching.

This particular Trouble traced back to colonial era Haven when twins were born that had an effect on the forest on their family’s land. The Trouble was passed down through generations of the twin’s descendants in the family lines of the Keegans and the Novellis, but they were not aware that the Trouble would only activate if the two of them were near one another and near that forest. As usual, Audrey figures it all out and manages to talk the Troubled families into cooperating so they can escape the killer forest.

This whole time, Audrey was supposed to just be dropping off a wedding license before heading out on her date with Chris. Chris kept referring to it as a date, but Audrey kept talking about it as if they were just going for a drink, so I think Nathan was at least partly right when he said that he thought Audrey has too much going on to start thinking about dating. She probably didn’t start off her day thinking that things were going to go as far as they did with Chris. Of course, Nathan can’t really be considered an authority on Audrey’s dating mindset because he’s never pursued Audrey the way Chris has. If Nathan had been as honest with himself and persistent as Chris was about his feelings for Audrey, maybe it would have been Nathan at Audrey’s place for drinks by candle light.

My heart broke for Nathan when he arrived at the barn after fighting his way through the roots in the forest. It was like watching Prince Phillip fight his way through the thorns around Sleeping Beauty’s castle, only to discover Aurora had another prince with her the whole time. I’m hoping that maybe this will be the motivation Nathan needs to get over his own insecurities and grab hold of Audrey before it’s too late. I’m with Vince and Dave on this one, he better act fast while there’s still time.

It irritates me that Audrey can be so perceptive about the Troubles, but she can’t seem to pick up on Nathan’s timid feelings for her. Or maybe she can, but she’s tired of waiting? I don’t know.

Chris’ explanation of why he was interested in her was sweet. I actually don’t dislike Chris at all, so I’m not ready to start hating their relationship yet, but I’m disappointed that things between Audrey and Chris escalated as quickly as they did. It’s true that Audrey has issues to deal with, so I doubt their romance will go very smoothly. Chris has a lot of catching up to do in that respect and he might discover that he’s in way over his head.

The other big development was in Evi’s cryptic phone call after her conversation with Duke where she says, “his dad never told him” to a man on the other end who responds, “then we have to keep pushing him.” I think we all suspected that Evi had ulterior motives for showing up again and this confirms it. My initial thought was that she was up to no good, but after thinking about it a little bit, I’m not totally convinced yet. It’s possible she may genuinely be trying to help Duke in some backwards way, or she may end up just being a straight up villain. It’s too early to tell, but I’m glad Duke still seems to have a little bit of a guard up. He was right to trust his instincts.

Although I would love for Audrey and Nathan to quickly find their way to a fairy tale romance in Haven, I realize that the happy story in my head would make for some pretty boring TV. Chris’ character brings in some nice emotional conflict. He’s a character I only dislike a little bit because he’s unwittingly in the way of the relationship between Audrey and Nathan that I want to actually happen. From this point, Chris will have an uphill climb to convince me that he’s the right guy for Audrey and I’m sure we’re in for an interesting ride with all three of them.