EUREKA To Receive One Additional Episode Before Coming To a Close Next Year

Eureka (Syfy) - Crossing Over
Despite the sad news that came out earlier this week about the cancellation of the popular Syfy series EUREKA, fans should know that the network has given the series one additional episode for its fifth and final season.

This brings the total to that of 19 more episodes left to air, including 5 more episodes in the current season, the holiday episode that will air this December and now a grand total of 13 episodes for Season 5. The cast and crew are currently in production on Season 5 and nearly coming to a close with episode 13 being “one of the show’s characteristic cliffhangers.” This additional hour will provide “producers (with) an extra hour to give fans (some) kind of closure.” (Source: Inside TV)

Also, series co-star Erica Cerra spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about her being “taken aback” by the news. She shared, “I read a few tweets made by Salli [Richardson-Whitfield] and Colin [Ferguson] about ‘hearing the news’ so, I did what any woman would do. I was nosy and asked ‘what news?’ But, thankfully I received a response (from) [Executive Producers] Jaime Paglia, Todd Sharp and [producer] Bruce Miller (who) called and (they) told me what happened.”

The cancellation came just days before the cast was set to shoot the Season 5 finale, obviously worrying all of them that the show wouldn’t get an appropriate ending, but this additional episode will, of course, provide some closure.

The next new episode of Eureka will air this Monday, August 15th, at 8/7 c on Syfy.