STATE OF GEORGIA “The Popular Chicks” Review

STATE OF GEORGIA “The Popular Chicks” Season 2, Episode 10 – From the pilot episode of State of Georgia, there was no question that Raven-Symoné, Majandra Delfino and Loretta Devine had the chops to pull off great sitcom comedy, but for many of those earlier episodes, the writing couldn’t keep up. There’s been some slow improvement over the course of the season and finally, this episode nailed it.

Well, it mostly nailed it. There were only a handful of bits that didn’t really work for me. While I loved the moment in the radio studio where Georgia tripped and practically flew across the room, face first in a chicken suit (I replayed that on my DVR about 4 times and I’m hoping someone will make a gif image of that so I can enjoy it on a loop) the chicken suit jokes got old after that. Yes, they’re cute when they waddle, but why Georgia was hanging out at home, in a chicken suit, after having ordered pizza and hard lemonade is beyond me. I’ve done costumed work, those things are hot and uncomfortable. It would be the first thing I tore off my body if I was in a bad mood.

Dealing with “popular girl” relationships gave us a better idea of why Georgia and Jo are friends even while being complete opposites. Georgia’s “popular girl translator” bit was hilarious and I was cracking up as she was explaining to Jo what certain Facebook posts and text messages really meant. It all seemed like one of Georgia’s exaggerations, but when she showed the post to Aunt Honey and she reacted the same way that Georgia did, it made it seem like there was really a popular girl language and, more importantly, it made me laugh.

The entire scene with Georgia’s friend, Kelly Webster, was hilarious. Jo, being the fish out of water in this scenario, brought a ton of laughs as the awkward girl among the popular girls. Her Photoshop work, which put Georgia’s face on the playbill for Jesus Christ Superstar, was priceless and I couldn’t stop laughing as she proudly explained that Georgia was the first “female, black Jesus.” Of course, Georgia’s stifled and stunned reaction made that moment perfect and once again, I was impressed by their compatibility as a comedic duo.

In my book, this week’s State of Georgia was the best written episode of the season. I was honestly laughing from start to finish and I’d like to think of this episode as the baseline for where the comedy and writing should be at from now on. Earlier episodes had their moments and they’ve been enjoyable overall, but it never felt as funny as it could have been with this cast and these characters. Now that I know that these writers can pull off just as much witty humor as they can pull off writing for physical comedy, I’m hoping we’ll get to see a lot more of that in the future.