MELISSA & JOEY “Waiting for Mr. Right” Review

MELISSA & JOEY “Waiting for Mr. Right” Season 1 Episode 20 – This week on MELISSA & JOEY, the focus is on Melissa and her dating woes. It is about time Mel got out and started dating, even if it happens to be with the dullest man on the planet.

So the plotline is that all of Mel’s college roommates, “The Foxy Five”, are married, married and pregnant, or about to be married. Mel, feeling like the odd man out, decides to give dull man Fletcher a second (or fourth) try. She even goes so far to commit to going away for the weekend to his parents’ 40th anniversary party which also involves a roadtrip. Kill me now. Apparently, Mel felt the same way because she needed to have Joe come rescue her from the rest stop that she ended up at after psychotically fleeing Fletcher’s vehicle while he was pumping gas.

Meanwhile Lennox decides to lend an unsolicited and apparently unnecessary hand to Ryder to increase his chances with his dream girl. What results are some of the most ridiculous “outfits” ever. Seriously every outfit got worse with the culmination being the scarf on top of the striped shirt, yellow belt and skinny pants that made Ryder look like he had walking problems. It was endearing how Lennox tried to help Ryder without any hidden agenda of her own. She even went so far as to recognize her plan had backfired and corrected it to a happy ending. “Freshmen are so cute and random.”

My favorite part of this episode of Melissa & Joey was the interaction between Mel and Joe. I liked how they finished each other’s sentences and were so in tune to each other all the way to the point of loving Ricky Gervais. Clearly, they are perfect for each other, right? Or are they just the perfect friends? Is it possible not to turn this romantic?

As usual, this episode had some terrific lines including:

“Sasha. What was wrong with him? Um, his name was Sasha.”

“They’re in your drawer because even your clothes know they are not cool and are hiding.”

“I love how you talk. I have no idea what you are saying, but I love the melody. Maybe Mel is short for melody.”

I also loved when Joe threw the money into the broken vending machine while Mel scoffed at him yelling “Boy scout!”

What did you think of this episode of Melissa & Joey? Will Mel find her Mr. Right? Will it be someone other than Joey? How cute was Ryder’s smile at Kirsten in his house? That kid is adorable. Share your thoughts down below.

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