HELL’S KITCHEN “10 Chefs Compete” Review

HELL’S KITCHEN “10 Chefs Compete” Season 9 Episode 8 – The cliffhanger – if you could call it that – at the end of last night’s episode turned out to be much ado about nothing. After a rather uninspiring pep talk, Ramsay sends the chefs away with a chore – they have to pick the person most likely to lead their team. The blue team pick Will, who has not disappointed the team yet and, if I’m not mistaken, is the only chef who has not yet been in the bottom two. The red team, after some delirious deliberation from Carrie, pick Jennifer.

With only ten chefs left, the competition is really heating up. Sure, there is still some fat to cut – Jonathan, Tommy and possibly Natalie are bringing down the blue team while Carrie’s incompetence and Elise’s mouth is seriously hindering the red team. But so far Will is the only person who has managed to avoid a major screw up.

The challenge is to make five American styled dishes for a famous chef. Catch is, the team leaders had to name the person on their team they think least capable of leading it, and then that person has to lead the team to victory. So it’s Carrie, predictably, for the red team, and Tommy for the blue.

Carrie is so concerned with how everyone else is doing that she is unable to focus on her own meal – a pizza. Tommy meanwhile has the opposite problem – he’s so lost in his own world that his team mates, Jonathan in particular, are flailing.

Despite the fact that she made a salmon entrée and not a cobbler salad, Natalie scores the blue team’s only point. Carrie’s pizza is unceremoniously rolled up and dumped in her hand, but her team still come out the victors and get to enjoy a day on Sunset Boulevard and at the Laugh Factory while the blue team have to clean up and prep the kitchen – alas, Jonathan appears to have a crick in his neck, so he outs himself of the work and reappears only when Ramsay opens the kitchen.

The dinner service is one of the best on Hell’s Kitchen – for the red team at least. Running like a smooth oiled machine, and thanks largely to Elise’s expertise on the meat station, they easily trounce the blue team, who were stuck with Jonathan’s screw ups and Natalie’s inability to take command of the appetizers. In the end, the red team get to sit on the sidelines while the blue team push Natalie and Jonathan forward for the guillotine.

Ramsay fakes out Natalie, and sends Jonathan packing, much to the relief of the blue team. Natalie may be falling apart in the last few episodes, but Jonathan is downright disruptive. And while Jonathan does not get a clapping send off, Ramsay makes it clear that this is Natalie’s last chance.

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