COVERT AFFAIRS “World Leader Pretend” Review

COVERT AFFAIRS "World Leader Pretend" Season 2 Episode 10

COVERT AFFAIRS “World Leader Pretend” Season 2 Episode 10 – It completely slipped my mind that this would be the mid-season finale. First I was looking for next week’s episode, then I briefly thought that this was an weak season finale, and then I realised my mistake and was somewhat cheered.

The plot of this week’s episode is this: Annie takes point on a mission to collect a Chinese asset she’s been cultivating online and get him to a safe house. All seems to go well, but Annie soon receives a call telling her that Chen is in hospital after being poisoned – and that Annie could be poisoned too. She’s checked out and deemed safe but Chen isn’t so lucky – his food was spiked with polonium and he’ll die soon.

Against Joan’s (and the State Departments) wishes, Annie and Auggie investigate. They discover the murderer and arrest him, and Arthur has his moment to shine when he punches a smarmy State Dept. official. All in all, a pretty regular episode of Covert Affairs.

The hook this week was Annie finally revealing all to Danielle. It’s taken two years to reach this point and I’m sure I’m not the only fan who was wondering when it would finally happen. Danielle is understandably upset about being lied to and she packs up Annie’s things, uncomfortable with having Annie living with her kids. Things are tense between the sisters for a portion of the episode, but they make up at the end.

Where does this leave Annie? Well, she still has her sister in her life but she’ll need a new home. Where does it leave Danielle? We’ll have to wait and see. Danielle’s role has always been to ground Annie and represent her ‘everyday’ life outside of the CIA. Most of this was accomplished IN the home, so it’ll be interesting to see how the writers keep Danielle involved in Annie’s life while she’s living elsewhere.

There were two other relationships that came back to the fore for Annie this week. Auggie and Annie’s friendship got some real screen time this week and they were as delightful as ever. (Sidenote: won’t Danielle now guess that Auggie is a CIA agent too? Annie didn’t just out herself this week.) Dr Scott didn’t fare so well. Their relationship ended as it started – with a complete lack of fanfare.

And that was the problem with this episode – nothing really wowed. A midseason finale has to keep the viewer wanting more, so that they’re eager to see the second half of the season, but this episode fell flat for me. The big reveal to Danielle and the breakup with Scott were hurried. The tension over whether Annie and Danielle could remain close after everything lasted for too short a period. It all just lacked a certain je ne sais quoi and could easily have been yet another episode.

In summary: as a midseason finale this episode didn’t quite work. As a midseason episode with nine episodes behind it and six ahead, it wasn’t too bad. There was some good character interaction, Annie and Auggie’s friendship (easily my favourite part of this show) got some decent screen time, and it’ll be interesting to see how the show deals with Danielle and Jai now that they’re potentially out on the fringes of the cast.

I just hope someone puts away their R.E.M. albums soon – these episode titles suck.

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