WHITE COLLAR “Countdown” Advance Review

White Collar (USA) Countdown

WHITE COLLAR “Countdown” Season 3 Episode 10 – It’s that time again, folks. The summer season of White Collar is over and now I have the gargantuan task of trying to convey how I felt about this episode without giving away any spoilers.

Okay, here goes….

First things first I must say a few words about the amazing Beau Bridges and his role as Peter’s mentor, Agent Kramer. It’s no spoiler to say that Peter admits he learned everything he knows from the man and after watching Kramer interact with Neal for less than 30 seconds, you will have no doubt that’s true. He was spectacular in every scene he was in and complimented the interaction between Peter and Neal perfectly.

Next up I just have to give a little nod to the music and some of the more fun sequences that were shot in this one. It really gave it a cool vibe, like something out of a 1960’s spy flick and I liked it a lot.

Okay so now onto the meat of this story and of course the part that I can say very little about. Since we already know that Mozzie sold the painting, I can say that that one action opens up a can of worms the likes of which I’m sure Neal hasn’t seen in a while. Once the FBI finds out about it.yikes, talk about a rock and a hard place. It also forces Neal to do some re-evaluating and realize that he needs to make up his mind about a few things.

As for Peter, he’s still doing everything he was before but I will say that having Kramer around seems to turn the heat up on him a bit. Just like with Neal, he is being forced to re-evaluate a few things, too.

Finally, we all know that Keller didn’t die so it’s also no spoiler to say that he has a part to play in this episode as well. As for what it is…oh no, you’re not getting it out of me that easily.

I can also say that the ending of this episode was probably the most jaw-dropping moment for me on this show ever, and that’s saying something seeing as how some of these finales have ended.

My favorite (non-spoilery) bits..

Another great Mozzie code phrase.

Neal admitting that there is someone out there that scares the hell out of him.

Mozzi’s choice of traveling companion.

Finding out Peter’s nickname from when he was a probie.

“This is genetics. That SHIRT is a choice.”

Neal holding two covers at once. Boy is he good.

Neal pulling off the best sleight of hand ever.

Mozzie. Hawaiian shirt. ‘Nuff said.

“We’ve got a problem.”
“We should maybe copyright that phrase.”

Elizabeth once again coming up with some awesome words of wisdom.

“I’m sorry, I assumed you had a *good* plan.”

Absolutely adoring the music used about halfway through the ep. Trust me, you’ll know what I mean when you hear it.

Oh..My..Gawd! All I can say is…..um…best escape EVER.

That ending..wow. I can’t talk about it but trust me……WOW.

The summer finale of White Collar premieres tonight, Tuesday August 9 at 9pm on USA. Be sure to come back here after you’ve seen the episode and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you!

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