EUREKA “Omega Girls” Review

Eureka "Omega Girls" Review

EUREKA “Omega Girls” Season 4 Episode 15 – Last week EUREKA fans were greeted with news that SyFy had only ordered six episodes for Season 6 in addition to the already approved Season 5. This started a lot of conversation and buzz on the Internets that the show was being cancelled, until SyFy and some of the folks tied to the show said that wasn’t the case. Do you think SyFy is aiming to cancel Eureka? Is it possibly a hedge by SyFy to see how the rest of Season 4.5 and Season 5 do ratings wise? Is it part of a negotiation ploy with the Eureka team for future episodes? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Speaking of unwelcome news, this episode is full of revelations with bad implications for various resident of Eureka. Henry, Carter and Zane have figured out that Allison is under control of someone else. This is a sticky situation because Allison takes over on an interim basis for Fargo while he tries out for the Astraeus mission. Carter soon confronts Allison, but she activates a fail safe that knocks out everyone inside the city limits. This allows Beverly and her partners to try to sneak into Global Dynamics and steal all their research and experiment data.

This is also the episode where Schroedinger’s cat is out of the bag, Zoe found out that Jo and Zane are an item. While this causes a rift between the two friends and a very uncomfortable car ride, they call a truce when they see whats happened in town. The dynamic duo step up and are able to stop Beverly and wake up the town’s residents before it’s too late.

If I were to score this episode on a scale from 1-10, I’d give it a 7. (Note: as a baseline, I’d have scored “Reprise” a 10) While “Omega Girls” was another strong episode of Eureka, I feel like it measure up to some of the other great episodes this season. I think this is because for a large part of the episode we basically had interactions between Zoe, Jo, and Beverly/Allison only. I understand this ties in well with the whole Omega Man concept (“The Omega Man” was a Charleston Heston movie about a lone scientist trying to find a cure for a plague that has killed most humans), but its very different from previous episodes from Season 4.5 where there was a lot more interactions between multiple characters. It seemed like there needed to be a couple of other voices in the second half of the episode to really catapult this to the next level, which is only highlighted more when comparing the last half of the episode to the Carter/Henry/Zane scenes in the first half.

Now let’s talk about what worked well in this episode. I enjoyed how Wallace and Paglia had written the first third of the episode, where we see the different layers of the mystery surrounding Allison get peeled back. The trio of Henry, Zane, and Carter each pick apart a different part of the story until its clear there’s an issue. The culmination of this, Carter’s surprise lunch/trap at the Sheriff’s office for Allison, was both entertaining and even surprising (I thought he was going to let Allison walk out). For the issues I had with a Zoe/Jo focus for the rest of the episode, the two of them still had a some great scenes. The ride in to town from the airport carried all the awkwardness and uncomfortable silences that you would expect when an current and ex girlfriend are sitting next to each other. The funniest scenes of the night were the ones with Jo realizing the irony of being locked up in her own holding cell, and regretting the lack of plumbing facilities in said cell. Even Zoe’s interactions with the little robot were funny, although it was starting to border on cute overload territory. It says a lot that I didn’t notice two of my favorite characters this season, Dr. Parrish and Holly, weren’t even in this episode, though I hope they’re back next week.

So what did you think of “Omega Girls”? Do you think Jo and Zane are in it for the long haul? Do you think Beverly will make another attempt at getting at Global Dynamic’s secrets? What do you think about all the rumors about the show’s future? Let me know your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.

Next week we find out that Eureka has a bug problem, and it being Eureka you know this can’t be solved with a call to the exterminator. The next episode of Eureka, “Of Mites and Men” airs next Monday night at 8 PM EDT on SyFy.

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