TRUE BLOOD “Cold Grey Light of Dawn” Review

True Blood Cold Grey Light of Dawn Season 4 Episode 7
TRUE BLOOD “Cold Grey Light of Dawn” Season 4 Episode 7 – Well that was one intense episode of True Blood! Let’s get to the characters breakdown.


Poor Tara she just can’t seem to get away from vampires who want to kill her. No wonder she decided to side with Marnie/Antonia. But I think the most interesting part will be how this will affect her relationship with Sookie now that they are on two opposite sides of the war.


Pam is just getting more and more disgusting isn’t she. Hopefully those shots will help her get back to a decent form.

The scene with her trying to get out of the coffin was pretty great.

Lafayette & Jesus

We now know that Lafayette is a medium, same as Marnie. But we don’t know if that will come helpful at all during the witches/vampire war.

What we did find out in this episode is that he can see the lady who watches over Arlene’s baby. I’m still kind of freaked out about that by the way. I have no idea where it’s going, but it can’t be good.


Not much going on with Alcide this episode, except that he and Debbie joined the werewolf pack. I just keep wondering how Alcide will come into play in the main vampire storyline this season.

Sam & Tommy

Sam found out about Tommy shifting into him, as we all knew it was bound to happen. So now Tommy has been kicked out, not sure if we’ll see more of him this season, but I wonder if that will “encourage” Sam to try out shifting into someone else. It sure would be interesting.


Could something be starting between him and Jessica? He sure does seem to really care for her. But after Hoyt told him that losing Jessica would kill him, I think someone’s going to get hurt.

Sookie & Eric

It feels like Sookie has found a new Bill, doesn’t it? I’ll be honest I enjoyed Bill and Sookie way better than Sookie and “new” Eric. Don’t get me wrong I like these two together, but I’m hoping Eric gets his memory back soon because I think I would love Sookie with “old” Eric.

I did like the fact that they addressed the question of whether or not Sookie would still want Eric if he got his memory back. I’m hoping she would in fact stay with him.

Oh and of course I have to mention that last scene in the chamber with Sookie trying to prevent him from walking out in the sunlight.


Wow, Bill is pretty hard core with the whole “we have to bind ourselves in iron” plan. I think I’m starting to really like him as a leader. He does what needs to be done for the good of vampires.

I also loved the interaction with Jessica while they were tied with iron chains. Speaking of that scene….


OMG that last scene was insane especially when Jessica broke free of her restrains and Bill told her “As you maker I command you. Unchain me.” I had chills!

Of course they had to end the episode right as she opened the doors. Damn you True Blood!!

I’m guessing Jason will be there to save the day, but I cannot wait to see next week’s episode. Because you know the vampires that survived will be pissed. There’s going to be a showdown for sure.

What did you think? Are you as freaked out by the ghost/spirit attached to Arlene’s baby as I am? Are you enjoying Sookie and Eric? Who are you rooting for the witches or vampires?

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  • I’m glad I’m not the only one that doesn’t like Sookie and amnesia Eric.  I just think it’s weird.  But I must say that Bill totally ruled this episode in fact the season

    • Bill does totally rule! He’s really stepping up and proving why he’s the King. 🙂

    • Bill does totally rule! He’s really stepping up and proving why he’s the King. 🙂

    • Bill does totally rule! He’s really stepping up and proving why he’s the King. 🙂

  • Blackrosestyle

    Ok I love (wait needs more O’s) loooooooooooove Sookie and “new” Eric I think he is adorable, and vulnerable and more human like. As for the ghost/spirit that is haunting Arlenes baby well that is a little strange but interesting I am waiting to see how that will play out. I am also wondering if Lafayette will help the vamp’s instead of the witches. But when it comes to Bill I could do without him yup he could walk right into the sun. I can see Jason and Jessica together, and Hoyt possibly becoming a vamp as payback if Jess and Jas get together. Alcide will probably help the vamps kill the witches. Cant wait for next week’s episode.

    • Haha! Well, I’m glad there are people that enjoy the Sookie and “new” Eric relationship. Actually, I don’t mind it, they do have cute moments, but I like the “old” Eric way better 😉

      I do love your idea of Hoyt becoming a vampire, now that would be pretty cool!

  • Anonymouse

    This was the best episode to air for a long time!

    The last time the series had this much excitement was in S02 when Maryann got zapped by Sookie so many eps ago!

  • Anonymouse

    ps and hell yeah that Spirit watching over baby Mikey was freaky! When Laf saw her I got goosebumps!

    That’s prolly something for next seasons story.

    Really can’t wait for Laf to battle Marnie to save Bon Temps.

    Also Tara is just a sucker. She is soooo gullible. Even tho this one is understandable cu she’s scared, but she just let’s everyone use her! Such a weak character the way Fredo was weak in Godfather. Essential but weak.

  • Ivan

    > Pam is so hilarious! Unlike some other sub-plots her storyline is fab.
    > Alcide and the pack are gonna join in the war against the witches.
    >Jessica will ”live” but you heard a shot outside so I’m wondering wether it was Jason or the guard who got shot.
    >Amnesiac Eric is cute but it’s getting slightly boring since he turned into a lapdog. Was good to see him shout his eyeballs out when he wanted to meet the sun. I hope he’ll remember his time with Sooks when he get’s his memory back and will be an all new Eric, the new and old personality combined.