BREAKING BAD “Bullet Points” Review

Breaking Bad “Bullet Points”, Season 4 Episode 4 – Either the Breaking Bad writers were listening to me on last week’s review, or they just always happen to know what I want, but either way we got an awesome scene to start “Bullet Points”. This is the kind of action scene that Breaking Bad excels at: Not a single spoken word (at least in English), great camera work, and just a hint of violence. It’s the kind of scene where if I was seeing it out of context, I would be able to tell that it was from Breaking Bad. That’s how clear of an identity this show has.

The rest of the episode was definitely no slouch either. We took a few steps forward in the White family’s relationship with the Schraders, as we find out that the titular “Bullet Points” are referring to the conversation that Walt and Skyler are going to have with Marie, Hank and Walt Jr. The gambling alibi does make sense, as Walter White is a genius and him being able to count cards isn’t difficult to believe, so it’s good that the rest of the family has some level of explanation as to where all of this money is coming from. And I’m hoping that Walt Jr. does in fact get a car for his birthday. The kid has had a rough couple of years!

We also got a scene that I think might be controversial among some Breaking Bad fans, but I really liked Hank and Walt’s conversation about Gale’s notes. I’m sure it will come off to some as a little too convenient. It does seem that Hank always lets Walt know when he’s on to him, allowing Walt to adjust his strategy or plan for it, but at least this one seems organic. Walt’s face when he saw his dead protege singing Space Oddity with great enthusiasm was very powerful.

One thing I wanted to make sure I talked about, as I’m sure many people will have missed it, is Walt’s short scene with Saul. I can’t help but feel like Saul and Walt’s discussion about disappearing, and living completely off the grid, is setting us up for a series finale scenario. The way I see it is that they’ve set this show up to end in one of two ways: Walt dies of his cancer, or he’s caught. There’s no way he’s just going to keep on cooking meth until he has grandkids and retires to the countryside. I feel like Saul’s recommendation to disappear came out of nowhere is being added as the third option. It was treated like it was a very important piece of the conversation…and then the subject was changed and we didn’t hear anything else about it. It was brought up far too deliberately for it to end up meaning nothing. I could be totally wrong, and it could just be a red herring, but I guess we’ll see in 2 or 3 years. If that is indeed what happens, you heard it here first!

The episode ends with Jesse learning that he finally has to accept some responsibility for his behavior these past few weeks. Mike telling him off in his house was great, but Jesse has acted so disrespectful and above it all that you just know he has a rude awakening coming. I guess we’ll see what’s awaiting him in the desert next week! I’ll see you all then!

Random Thoughts:

– We finally got a couple lines from Walt Jr. this week! This is yet another complaint that I’ve had with this season that has been addressed!

– You’ve gotta feel a little bad for Mike’s ear. His ears were already distractingly obtrusive in the first place!

– How is it that one of Jesse’s neighbors haven’t called the cops on him yet? When we saw Walt breaking into his house, it looked like they were in a nice neighborhood. Maybe we’d believe it if he was actually living on skid row, but he’s in the suburbs. Why aren’t his neighbors saying “Hey, there’s crackheads and degenerates going in and out of this guys house for weeks, maybe we should tell somebody…”