STATE OF GEORGIA Georgia-Thon Review


STATE OF GEORGIA Georgia-Thon Season 1, Episodes 6, 7, 8, and 9 – Tonight, ABC Family aired a “Georgia-Thon” consisting of 4 brand new episodes of State of Georgia.

“Mo’ Honey, Mo’ Problems” was an entire episode spun off of puns and misunderstandings. Georgia and Jo mistakenly believe that Aunt Honey has squandered all her savings and is on a fast track to the poor house. To help her out, Georgia and Jo decide to turn the P.W.O.R.N (Poor Women’s Out Reach Network) fundraiser into a collection basket for Aunt Honey’s personal accounts.

This episode made think of Georgia and Jo as a modern day Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz and I think they’re starting to become a really great comedic duo. Aunt Honey was totally brilliant in her role as usual, but I still feel like all three of these characters need to be put into better written sitcom scenarios. Half of the jokes in this episode were based off of the organization’s name, P.W.O.R.N (get it? Aunt Honey is into “porn”) which was funny the first time they brought it up, but the joke got old quick.

“There’s A Place For Us” was about Georgia and Jo finding a place where they could be themselves. Georgia is set on getting into the hottest club in New York, while Jo is devastated to discover that her assigned study nook is practically a hurricane simulator. They end up at a local bar instead of the club, and find that Mickey’s is the place where they can be themselves. After all, it is probably the only place in New York where the two of them can afford to pay for their own food and drinks. I liked the bartender, Patrick, and I hope his character returns when Georgia and Jo find themselves back at this bar in future episodes.

“R-E-S-P-E-C-T” brought Trent Pierce back to State of Georgia, and of course, he has no recollection of his fried chicken encounter with Georgia. He does, however, remember Jo’s terrible hair and outfit which both astounds and offends Georgia. This motivates Georgia to do whatever it takes to get Trent Pierce to remember her so she takes his advice and sets up a showcase where she can show off her talents. Of course, being broke, she ends up needing Aunt Honey’s help to set up the show, which leads to Aunt Honey practically taking over the whole production.

At the same time, Jo is experiencing her first time with straight, manageable hair after she used one of Aunt Honey’s swag gift certificates for a Brazilian blow-out. She was cracking me up as the hair freak who was so worried about her hair going frizzy that she refused to leave the apartment. My favorite line of the night from her was “I want to suck that up with a biscuit” after she was hit on by a guy in the diner. She’s so awkward and I enjoyed seeing her life be superficially different for a day. I also loved the bit at the end about her deciding to go into the salon to get another Brazilian and walking away with a completely different kind of salon treatment.

“Foot In The Door” should have actually come before “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” in the airing order because Georgia mentions something about being on an episode of Due Process when she’s talking to Trent Pierce in “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”. In any case, I think this was my favorite episode of the night. It was so over the top ridiculous and since the earlier episode had me thinking of Georgia and Jo as Lucy and Ethel, I kept thinking that parts of this plot might have been inspired by an old I Love Lucy episode. Both Georgia and Jo nailed their comedic bits in this episode so that even when certain scenarios in the plot were totally unbelievable, I didn’t care because Raven-Symoné and Majandra Delfino were just so goofy and fun.

It was an interesting way to watch State of Georgia in a marathon mode. These were four episodes in a row, with each episode comically exploring how these two girlfriends handle situations together. I’ve said this in earlier reviews, but I appreciate that Georgia and Jo’s friendship does not solely revolve around talking about their relationships or drama with men. It’s refreshing to see good girlfriends on TV in leading roles who don’t just blather on about guys all the time. Despite the shortcomings in the writing for these episodes, I’m finding that I really like Georgia and Jo as a comedic team. With Aunt Honey in the mix, you’ve got a lot of funny, talented women in one place which makes State of Georgia a fun show worth watching.