Dyanamaria’s Awesome Evil Queen Costume at Comic-Con 2011

dyanamaria comic con 2011 01

Comic-Con 2011 has come and gone, but I have yet another treat that I wanted to share with you. Daemon’s TV‘s very own Dyanamaria dressed up on Thursday, July 21, as Snow White‘s The Evil Queen and let’s just say it was a big hit! Quite understandably so since it’s a really awesome costume (as you can see in the photos above and below).

This is the one time a year Dyanamaria gets to dress up and this time it was extra special with not only Entertainment Weekly asking her and her friend, Rhonda Ibrahim (dressed as Maleficent), to do a photo shoot (see photo below), but also having a couple additional photos of her in costume popping up around the web.

The only regret I personally have is that I didn’t get to actually see her in costume while there (I was busy covering panels all day). But I wanted to make sure all you Daemon’s TV readers got a chance to see her in costume as well.

(Photos Credits: Johnal Leifsson / Entertainment Weekly / USA Today / Reuters)