WHITE COLLAR “On the Fence” Review

White Collar (USA) On The Fence

WHITE COLLAR “On the Fence” Season 3 Episode 9 – First up I just have to say a quick word about tonight’s special guest star. Anyone who read my article about my top TV girl crushes knows exactly how I feel about one Miss Eliza Dushku and in this episode she didn’t disappoint at all.

Now onto the rest of the episode, which was so exciting I very nearly felt like tonight was the finale and not next week. Keller makes a return and manages to trick everyone, including Neal and even Sara, into almost giving him the location of the treasure. This makes things ridiculously hard for Neal as he’s keeping secrets from everyone and none of them are the same. Seriously I don’t know how he kept track of what lie he had to keep up with whom – between going undercover, lying to Mozzie about the manifest and of course hiding everything from Peter. It’s a wonder his brain didn’t explode, because mine nearly did.

Now that Keller is loose again, Neal and Mozzie have decided that it’s definitely time to skip town. That Peter will go after him, I have no doubt. Whether or not he catches him in the next episode though, that I’m not so sure. Nor am I sure what he will do to Neal, not to mention Mozzie, when he does catch them. Call me crazy but I’m thinking Neal will have used up his consultant privileges at that point.

The big question on everyone’s mind now is: Is the treasure worth it? Honestly I don’t know. I’m going to hold judgment until I see what the consequences are. But right now, it’s not looking like it to me.

My favorite bits..

“Ghost Ship Found With Hitler Clones” – Best headline ever.

Neal admitting that he wasn’t going to say goodbye to Sara. Ouch!

Peter walking up in the middle of that intense conversation between Neal and Sara. Wow, talk about bad (or would that be good?) timing.

Thinking that was one of the coolest newsstands I’d ever seen.

Mozzie describing Raquel as “spicy.”

“Not everyone can be ‘Peter and Elizabeth'” – Aw, that was sweet..and also a little sad.

Elle figuring out too late that she was on speaker and Neal was listening to their conversation. Oopsie.

Neal in glasses. ‘Nuff said.

Really loving that hat Raquel is wearing. Man, I wish I could pull off hats.

Ooh, sneaky Neal.

Peter ordering Neal not to get cocky. OMG suddenly Peter is Han Solo and Neal is Luke Skywalker.

Peter putting a hand on Mozzie’s shoulder when they saw who killed Hal, and also checking in to make sure Neal was okay.

Oh noes! Keller tricking Sara is so not good.

“Neal Caffrey, suggests that someone shouldn’t keep secrets from their partner. Where’s this coming from?” – Oh, ouch.

“I know about the treasure.”
“What treasure?” – Smooth, Mozz. Really smooth.

No Mozzie! Not *that* painting!

Peter telling Neal that if he lost comm. with him for more than a minute, he was going in. Aw, see? He still cares.

Wondering how two people could make a wand search for weapons look so sexy.

Whoa! I knew Mozzie had connections but I guess I never figured him for actually hiring a hit man.

Keller showing up. Uh oh..

Raquel pulling out her own gun. Heck yeah, I knew I liked this girl.

Peter figuring out they were on an audio loop. Yes!

Neal punching Keller right in the kisser.

Neal using the confusion to take off while he was off anklet.

Neal sneaking his away around the building during the cat-and-mouse with Keller. Talk about intense.

Even though I knew it was coming, I still jumped when Raquel shot Keller.

Peter’s look of “What?” and Neal’s shrug in reply after he kissed Raquel.

Peter telling Elle about Keller. It’s exactly stuff like that which makes their marriage perfect – the fact that even if they do something wrong, they will admit it to each other.

Mozzie not batting an eye when Neal figured out that he put a bounty on Keller.

The hurt in Mozzie’s voice when he discovered that Neal had lied to him.

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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