Interview: Mark Sheppard (Supernatural) Comic-Con 2011 [Video]

mark sheppard comic-con 2011

Mark Sheppard, star of the CW’s hit series SUPERNATURAL, was at Comic-Con 2011 to do a panel about the show. Before taking the stage with some of the cast, Mark sat down to answer a few questions. Be sure to check out our other Comic-Con interviews – you can find our interview with Jared Padalecki here, our interview with Misha Collins here, our interview with executive producer Sera Gamble here, and our interview with executive producer Ben Edlund here.

In the interview Mark doesn’t believe it when he’s told that Crowley will be back in season 7 and decides to get confirmation for himself from the source, gives us a little more insight into Crowley, his opinions of the show as a fan himself and how much he loves working on it, what he loves most about his fans, and much more! (plus, he also noticed my ‘Church of Castiel’ shirt, which made me extremely happy.)

Check out what else Mark Sheppard had to say in the video below.