EUREKA “Up In The Air” Review

Eureka "Up In The Air" Review

EUREKA “Up In The Air” Season 4 Episode 14 – A bank is robbed in Eureka and Carter’s excited to finally have a normal, simple police case. Unfortunately in Eureka there’s nothing that straightforward, which becomes clear to Carter when he learns that the entire bank was stolen. One of the items stored at the bank caused it and other objects in town to defy gravity, leaving Carter to get things back to ground.

This episode of EUREKA also shows the Astraeus crew candidates going through physical training under the watchful eyes of Jo (channeling a Marine Drill Sergeant). It was fun to watch the scientists try to be as athletic as possible, but best part was watching the budding love triangle between Holly Marten, Dr. Parrish, and Fargo (Par-Far-Mar?).

While getting Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day on the show has turned into a great casting move by Eureka’s producers, the writers have come up with the stroke of genius so far this season by creating the above mentioned triangle. Wheaton, Day, and Grayston have great chemistry onscreen and that translates to a good flow of dialogue and acting that seems completely natural, never forced or artificial. It gives a great base for the Astraeus storyline and is reason enough to tune into this great show.

Colin Ferguson was hilarious in this episode, especially when you see his spirits fall when he realizes his everyday, basic bank robbery has become a lot more complicated. The writers have really given Ferguson some great lines tonight and Carter’s practicality in the face of all the super science really comes off well. There’s also some nice back and forth dialogue between Sheriff Carter and Andy that was very funny. The scenes in bank worked well in balancing the physical humor of Carter struggling to get into the vault with his frustrations at the geekspeak coming from the team in Fargo’s office.

The visual effects were once again incredible for this episode. It was so awesome to get the shot that mimics the shows opening with the various vehicles and buildings lifting off. The best scene, though, was watching Carter’s Jeep hanging out in space with the International Space Station.

Lastly, can we talk about the what happened with Allison this episode? She’s still suffering from headaches and then starts to lose gaps of time from her memory. You start feeling better when she uses the new scanners to find the implants Beverly put in her brain back in “Reprise”. Then you get the gut shot when you find out that Allison isn’t in control anymore, Beverly is controlling her remotely and it’s definitely with evil in mind.

Favorite moments from the episode:

– “Yeah. We had dinner. Then he showed me his equipment.” – Holly
– “That guy hasn’t run for anything since our Warcraft Guild elected a new secretary.” – Fargo
– “Someone robbed a bank! Yeah!” – Carter
– Zane actually showing some maturity
– Fargo, Jo, Holly and Henry all struggling to describe the field amplifier
– Jo calling Sheriff Andy “Mr. Data”

So what were your favorite moments from this week’s episode? What do you think about Parrish-Fargo-Marten? Can Jo and Zane change expectations before its too late? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Next week, Alison is back in charge of Global Dynamics or is she? Catch the next episode of Eureka, “Omega Girls”, next Monday night at 8 PM EDT on SyFy.

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