SANCTUARY Comic-Con 2011 Panel with Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne

The SANCTUARY panel at Comic-Con 2011 included stars Robin Dunne and Amanda Tapping. The panel was moderate by Destination Truth‘s Josh Gates:

Here are highlights from the panel:

– Even though the world of Sanctuary looks phenomenal, the actual set is pretty empty. They do a lot of green screen and the backgrounds are added later on.

– Because they had 20 episodes in season 3, it allowed them to expend on the world more than they could do in only 13 episodes.

– “Season 4 is the most kick-ass season.” -Amanda Tapping

– “I’m always just getting beat the hell out of.” -Robin Dunne

– “When you have prosthetics your call time is in the middle of the night.” Robin Dunne explained referring to the lizard episode and the time it took to get him ready.

– When Christopher Heyerdahl (who plays Bigfoot) is in makeup they think of him as two different people, because he has just a different performance between Bigfoot and John Druitt.

– When asked about a possible love interest for Helen, Amanda Tapping revealed that Hellen would kiss someone in the “Monsoon” episode. However she wouldn’t say what happens next or wether it’s with a boy or a girl.

– The first episode of the season “Tempus” is going to deal with what happened in the season 3 finale in a very clever way.

Secret Spilled: There will be a musical episode in Season 4 of Sanctuary. They described it as “Glee meets the Exorcist.”

– Robin Dunne directed an episode this season.

– Amanda Tapping would love to be on Destination Truth. “It’s gonna happen this year.” -Josh Gates said.

– Amanda Tapping was laughing about how terrible her Norwegian was on the show. She had been coached by Chris Heyerdahl’ dad and thought she did good but apparently it was terrible! Ha!

– Peter Wingfiled (Dr. James Watson) is coming back this season.

– John Druitt and Nikola Tesla are also back.

– There is a cool new villainish guy this season.

– When asked about the Bollywood dance from the Season 2 finale, Robin Dunne said he had a few rehearsal and it was like he went in some sort of trance. “I don’t really remember any of it.” -Robin Dunne

– When asked if someone’s going to die this season, Robin Dunne and Amada Tapping answered with a big silence from…

Spoilers: There are two Helens in the new timeline where Helen ended up in the season 3 finale. This new season we will also see Helen and John’s relationship in a harsh light.

– As for a soundtrack for the show? “We hope so.” said Amanda Tapping. They have been pursuing that, but they don’t have any additional information.

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