Interview: Barrett Foa and Renée Felice Smith (NCIS: LA) Comic-Con 2011 [Video]

barrett foa renee felice smith comic-con 2011

Barrett Foa and Renee Felice Smith, stars of CBS’s hit series NCIS: LOS ANGELES, were at Comic-Con 2011 to do a panel about the tech gadgets used on the show. After taking the stage with some of their fellow cast mates and executive producer Shane Brennan, the two sat down to answer some questions. You can check out our interview with Chris O’Donnell here, our interview with LL Cool J here, and our interview with executive producer Shane Brennan here.

In the interview, they tell us what their characters’ parts will be in the current mystery involving Hetty and Callen, what it’s like to use the gadgets employed in the series, the possibility of both of their characters going back into the field, and the chance of romance between Eric and Nell.

Check out what else Barrett Foa and Renée Felice Smith had to say in the video below.