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This week on SUPERNATURAL Thursday I decided to move in a different direction. While season six has come and gone, there is still a little split in the fandom regarding if Supernatural should have continued for a sixth season. We were also given a peek inside season seven at Comic-Con, so I decided that it would be the perfect time to talk about why Supernatural should have stopped at season six.

Now, before you tell me I’m not a TRUE fan, I shouldn’t be writing this column and just overall tar and feather me, let me explain myself. I’ve been involved with Supernatural from the get go – and I mean that quite literally. I’ve been on board since the pilot, and will FOREVER support the show, the cast, the writers, creators, etc. I love them like they were family and will follow them through this crazy series until they decide it’s time to end.

That being said: I was “one of those people”. When I heard that season six was a go after thinking for a few years that five seasons was going to be the run of Supernatural, I balked. I probably didn’t give the first few episodes their proper respect. I was stubborn and I knew it, but I’m going to tell you why.

WARNING: If you haven’t seen Supernatural all the way through season six, there will be spoilers in this article. You’ve been warned.


Eric Kripke - Supernatural Comic Con 2010

How many times in the fandom have we heard the words “in Kripke we trust”? And I did, oooohhhhh, did I ever (except for that little lapse of faith during Roadkill, sorry about that Kripke. You blew my mind by the end of the episode, though)!

I put ALL of my faith in Kripke for this series and when he said that Sam and Dean’s journey would be done after five seasons, I respected and trusted that.

Was I sad? Sure. Why wouldn’t I be? My show was going to be gone, and I wouldn’t be able to see the boys weekly, but I knew Kripke wouldn’t let the fans down with his ending. Since the beginning of the series, Supernatural had always planned to be a five season story arch. Why not just let it be that? Let the story end where the creator wanted it to end.


Swan Song

I’ve heard mixed feelings about Swan Song (don’t worry, I’ve sufficiently schooled these people) and how it wasn’t a great episode – especially not for a season finale. To these people I would like to say. WHAT?!

Swan Song was not only a perfect season finale; it would have been a PERFECT series finale. Those that read this column (or follow me on twitter, tumblr, or have even just SPOKEN to me) know that I’m a Sam girl through and through. If I can say that Sam jumping into hell with Lucifer riding around in his head is not only a good ending, but a perfect ending… well… just trust me. The episode was great.

It wrapped up the overall story arch for season six, Lucifer and Michael were going to be taken care of and Armageddon would be stopped – all because of the Winchesters. What better ending could you ask for?

I’ll tell you – back story. The episode isn’t just about Sam jumping into hell and saving the world, Swan Song is about redemption. It took us on a journey using the same means Sam and Dean do – the impala. It walked us through her life, and how she became the car we all know and love. And, on top of that, took us through a whirlwind of Sam and Dean’s past – and personally? I loved every minute of it.



This was my initial thought when I heard about season six. I now know the answer (although I would like to debate that season six didn’t really “top” Lucifer as it just went on to a different “big bad”) but at the time, my thought process was one of incredulousness. You CAN’T top Lucifer. He’s LUCIFER – and the entire season (and series if you really want to go down that road. I’ll draw you a map if you’d like…) has been leading up to this point (I’d like to interject that I realize Lucifer is not the be all end all of bad guys, and that the show didn’t specifically speak about LUCIFER during the first few seasons, but you catch my drift).


Supernatural - Like A Virgin - Sam and Dean hug

We all knew that with Sam’s plan to let Lucifer in it wasn’t going to end pretty. I don’t know that we all thought he would actually jump into hell, but we all knew deep down, Sam wasn’t coming back one way or another.

Now, I understand the beauty of a show like Supernatural is the… well, Supernatural aspect of it where you can bring people back from the dead in various ways. HOWEVER – haven’t these boys been through enough?

Every time one of them dies the other does the self sacrificing thing (except that time that Sam drank demon blood instead, but I digress), and are wrecked for MONTHS while they try to get the other back. Not saying that I wanted Sam dead and gone for good, but Dean could have moved on KNOWING his brother saved the freaking world.

He didn’t need to come back, he didn’t need to be saved. Dean would have been wrecked without Sam, yes. but he would have eventually moved on to some semblance of a “normal life”.


Well… Sam went down jumping and Dean went down beat to hell, but you get my point. The boys set aside their differences; Sam redeemed himself from the demon blood, the lying to Dean, and proved everyone wrong.

Dean finally let go and let Sam make a choice for himself; even though he didn’t agree with it. Not only did he LET him choose, he stood by him to the bitter end, and almost lost his life doing it. AND THEN, because he’s a stand up guy, he keeps his promise to Sam and goes to live with Lisa and Ben.

Everything that these boys had worked for had been wrapped up, from their mother’s death, to their father’s warning of Dean having to kill Sam (granted, they worked around that one, but the implication was still there), and now they’ve saved the world. Is there a better ending?


Now let the flaming begin! No, in all seriousness, I was not on board for season six for these and other reasons that I won’t go into (unless you’d like me to). I will say that I didn’t go into season six with an open mind, and once I did my opinion changed a bit. I love Supernatural (obviously) and will continue to watch until The CW decides that it’s time for it to end. I will support the fandom, support the writers and creators, support the cast, etc.

However for me, Supernatural that I loved from the start ended with Swan Song in season five. The rest of the seasons are just major perks and new story lines to grow and love.

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