SUITS (USA) “Tricks of the Trade” Review


SUITS “Tricks of the Trade” Episode 6 – I missed last week’s episode due to attending Comic Con and though the cast of this show wasn’t there, I did get the chance to chat with folks from some other USA shows including Burn Notice, Covert Affairs, Fairly Legal and Psych. So be sure to check out the Interviews page to see the videos.

But now back to this episode, which caught me completely off guard. I was so sure that Mike’s secret would stay hidden for a little while longer. That Rachel would catch on so fast never occurred to me but now that she has, I wonder what this will mean for them. Forget about anything romantic, right now I’m worried more for their friendship. Not that I think she will go and tattle on him, but I think it’s going to take a lot for her to trust him again.

Meanwhile the rivalry between Harvey and Louis got a little fan to its flame after Jessica takes Louis out for a night on the town. Harvey’s still the big man on campus and not even Jessica can deny that, but she did have a point about Harvey not always listening to her. Personally I think that’s one of the things that makes him great at what he does but I can also see how, from a boss’ point of view, that may not be the best quality in an employee.

My favorite bits..

I love that Harvey didn’t even bat an eye when he found out that one of Mike’s old clients was in the office.

Uh oh. Mike lost a client, like literally lost one, as in she’s missing. Harvey will not be pleased.

Louis using the word “shenanigans”. Classic.

Jessica asking Harvey to remind her to be annoyed with him later.

Harvey’s not-so-subtle yawn when Jessica was telling Louis how well he was doing at his job.

“So you disagree with what we agree about?” “I’ll agree to that.”

The proud little look that Mike gave when Harvey told Sam off. I especially enjoyed him threatening to kick the guy’s ass all the way down the hallway. Go Harvey!

Harvey’s Stallone impersonation. Awesome!

Jessica pulling out the Top Gun reference. Nice.

Oh man, now I’m picturing Mike in drag, too. He does indeed have soft features.

Mike calling those guys a bunch of pussies. LOL.

Drunk Mike completely ignoring Harvey’s order to not come over.

Really enjoying Harvey’s non-work clothes. Just sayin’.

Drunk Mike sobering up as soon as he found out that Rachel was hoping to hire someone in his old line of work.

Finding out that Harvey not only has a little brother but also stood up to an adult on the kid’s behalf when he was just 13-years old. That says a lot about him. It also speaks to his relationship with Mike a bit, I think.

Jessica reassuring Louis that Harvey may not always be on top. Hmm.sounds like that rivalry is going to get worse now.

Jessica pulling out another Top Gun quote. Nice.

Whoa! Rachel figured out Mike’s secret?? I so did not see that happening this fast.

What did you think of this episode of Suits? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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