STATE OF GEORGIA “Know When to Fold ‘Em” Review


STATE OF GEORGIA “Know When to Fold ‘Em” Season 1, Episode 5 – This week’s episode of State of Georgia gave us a better understanding of Jo and Georgia’s relationship. After Georgia was cast in a commercial for an overnight mattress store, she’s prepared to begin writing her Oscar acceptance speech, but first she’s got to get her department store shift covered.

Jo, who has always been able to cover for Georgia in the past tries to cover for her again, but when Georgia decides to quit and asks Jo to come with her, it goes a little too far. With Georgia’s supposedly great acting skills, I was surprised that she wasn’t a better liar – I mean, improvisational actress – and that she couldn’t come up with a better excuse or a story that would get her out of her evening shift at the department store. On top of that, with Aunt Honey being able to throw so much weight around at the store, why couldn’t she ask her aunt for a favor with her manager, just this once?

By the end of the episode we see how Jo has begun to grow into her own person, supportive of Georgia, but separate from her. Thankfully, Georgia loves Jo and she knows when she has to apologize for pushing Jo too far. She’s not the perfect friend, but we’ve seen that Georgia is willing to swallow her pride and turn off the fiery diva when she needs to and that quality makes her a lovable character.

Jo’s little love interest story weaves in and out of the main plot effortlessly. The minute Doug walked into their section to be directed to the “cave,” I figured the joke was going to be that he was kind of a caveman. I really enjoyed seeing Jo deal with her “unidentified feelings” and her attraction to this grunting guy who was the complete opposite of her. She just couldn’t resist his primal masculinity and although her attraction instantly fizzled when she realized he made doll furniture and lived in his mother’s basement, I was happy she got the nerves up to ask him out.

As I’ve been watching State of Georgia, I’m finding that I really enjoy the way Georgia and Jo’s friendship has been portrayed. These are women with big dreams and I like that they don’t always spend all their time just talking about dating. They may have their eyes on certain guys, but their careers and their friendship seem to be the bigger driving forces behind their stories. They joke around with each other, they treat each other like family and they don’t let petty things get in the way of their history. In retrospect, I’m actually glad they dealt with their “falling out” in an earlier episode of State of Georgia, because that means they are free to spend the rest of series just being really good girlfriends to one another.