RESCUE ME “Press” Review


RESCUE ME “Press” Season 7 Episode 3 – 9/11 is prevalent in the world of Tommy Gavin. Walking past creepy boutiques of 9/11 memorabilia, he fantasizes about crashing his car in the the store front. This episode doesn’t bang you over the head like so many others: Maura Tierney returns in glorious fashion, and her role is expanded beyond last week and provides the best storyline of the season by far as she contemplates death and destruction with Tommy Gavin, who, after rescuing her from a dreadfully dull therapeutic date, gets down to religion.

Religion has always been one of the major themes of the show, and the main question of doubters revolve around reasoning: why would God punish the innocent? What sort of a God would let innocent children die? What sort of God causes earthquakes and hurricanes? What sort of God would let the planes to hit the towers? In one little scene these questions are not answered: if 2000 plus years of piety and warfare cannot come up with an answer, Rescue Me probably isn’t likely to do so in a five minute scene, no matter how good (and it was good) it is. But we do get some sort of an answer to the character of Tommy Gavin as he confesses that he does see the ghosts of his cousin, those who have died and who were close to him. It’s not the answer she’s looking for, so she soon ends their evening, but it is the only answer he has, later reiterated in some form during the interview remembering his cousin’s life when he tells the reporter (who was perfectly played, every pert, banal pause exemplified in that weird deliberate speech pattern some people put on in an interview) that “there are no happy endings.” Things happen and they’re unexplainable and all Tommy Gavin can do is react.

It was by far the most intriguing part of the episode: the subplots involving a wedding and the gay overtones (a little dated, given the new legislation in New York) and Lou’s lack of health felt like filler. I mean seriously: cupcakes? It’s a legitimate storyline but not a particularly entertaining one.

Still, Maura Tierney brought enough humanity to spare-her rant about her fixation with other women’s breasts and Tommy’s reaction was particularly funny) and the episode was worth watching for the scenes between her character and Tommy’s.

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